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I Ate Like A Gilmore Girl For A Day & It Was Torture


When you think of Gilmore Girlsprobably the first thing you think about is food. And not just any food: ALL the food. When I first started binge-watching this show about the best mother-daughter duo that television has ever seen, I was in awe of how much these women ate in a single episode. Seriously, in 42 minutes these women eat like they are professionals. Now, after trying their diet of pizza, sushi, tacos, donuts and more for an entire day, I know that it seriously does take years of training to eat the way they do. 

Breakfast of Champions - 6:45 a.m.

For the Gilmore ladies, breakfast is one of the most important parts of the entire day. In every single episode, Rory and Lorelai head to Luke's Diner to indulge in coffee and donuts, if they are in a rush. If they aren't, it's more like eggs, pancakes, French toast, bacon, toast, etc. And yes, they eat all of it. Since I had an 8 a.m. class this day—thank you, French 101—I was going to have to stick with a Pop-Tart, coffee and a cronut. I am in NYC, after all. And for me, that was more than enough. Typically I don't eat more than a bowl of cereal and some green tea, so this really was pushing it for me. Let's just say that I had a small tummy ache afterwards. (When I say small, I mean owwwieee.)



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Lunch AKA Death - 12:30 p.m.

Usually, I don't each lunch until around 2:30 p.m., but if I wanted to stay on schedule for eating like Rory and Lorelai, I had to push through. Because I am a broke college student, I could not afford to go out and buy a zillion different types of food. So I did what any rational person would do and had my boyfriend swipe me into the dining hall at NYU for a nice, all-you-can-eat buffet. That's what I call a deal. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture, but here is a list of everything I ingested in a 45-minute time period: pizza, chicken fingers, Chinese lo mein, Greek salad, garlic bread AND an ice cream cone for dessert. I was literally a potato after I finished eating. But the crazy thing is, if I was actually a Gilmore, I wouldn't have even been full yet. 

Snack Time - 3:45 p.m.

At this point, I already felt like I was going to throw up from eating so much food. I had never eaten this much in my entire life, and it wasn't even dinner time yet. But because I am stubborn and refused to give up, I marched myself down to the CVS by my office and picked up a brand new box of Pop-Tarts. I was going to feast. And feast I absolutely did not. I literally had one bite of my favorite cinnamon-swirl treat and felt like I was going to throw up. Gilmores: 1, Isabel: 0. 

The Home Stretch - 7:00 p.m.

Although it was only 7 p.m., it seriously felt like midnight. All I wanted to do was go home, sleep, wake up and eat a big green salad. The thought of vegetables was seriously the only thing getting me through the day. But because I am a trooper, I went home, made myself a pot of coffee (seriously, at 7 p.m.) and ordered a large Papa John's pizza. I know, I know, you are probably wondering what I am doing eating Papa John's when I live in New York freaking City, but sorry, I like their garlic sauce! 

By the time 9:15 p.m. rolled around, I had eaten five slices, watched two-and-a-half episodes of the show and was ready to straight-up barf. Sorry if that's TMI. So although this would only be the beginning for the GG ladies, I made myself a cup of tea, put on my PJs and went to bed. I was officially D. O. N. E. 


As I mentioned before, I had never eaten that much junk in my entire life. While I am not the healthiest person at all, I certainly know my limits and try to have at least one veggie a day. So did I enjoy feasting like a champion Gilmore? Of course! Will I ever do it again? No chance. 

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