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15 Things Only People Who Loathe Thanksgiving Understand


As soon as Halloween ends, you’re hanging stockings for Christmas. Who cares about Thanksgiving? From being forced to eat dinner with your aunt who wears too much lipstick to eating stuffing from an animal carcass, this holiday is just not your scene. In fact, you would even go so far as to say you hate it. If you utterly loathe everything about Thanksgiving, here are 15 things you’re sure to relate to.

1. You gag when someone says “Happy holidays” because that means acknowledging Thanksgiving

2. It doesn’t make sense to you that people labor for an entire day to eat one meal

3. Or that we celebrate a holiday involving mass genocide for indigenous people

4. You think pumpkin pie is mediocre at best

5. And it’s freaking weird that we eat birds

6. Have you mentioned that turkeys are actually pure evil?

7. You’d much rather have your mom prepare a lavish meal of burgers and fries for dinner

8. Or Mexican food. Always Mexican food.


10. Your worst nightmare is a dinner with your crazy extended family

11. Because it’s obviously going to end with your dad and weird uncle brawling about politics

12. You hate watching your parents get turnt while you’re stuck drinking Marinelli’s

13. Thanksgiving dinner means being bloated for the next two weeks

14. The only redeemable thing about the whole affair is getting to eat your weight in mashed potatoes

15. Bring on Christmas ~please~

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