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16 Love Lessons We Learned From Rory Gilmore


While Rory Gilmore was no stranger to slip ups in her love life, she was also a pretty kickass role model when it came to following her gut and living her life the way she wanted. Here are 20 of the best well-learned love lessons as told by the Coffee Queen herself.

1. When you're scrambling for conversation in the pre-dating ritual, honesty is key 

2. When push finally comes to shove, just let them know you're interested 

3. You are NOT required to say "I love you" back 

4. But if the opportunity presents itself, by all means, tell them as best you can

5. No matter how hard you resist, you're gonna have to wallow after a breakup

6. You may be forced to blantantly question another's motives at one point 

7. Don't worry too much about finding "the one"

8. Jealousy can and will get the best of you 

9. A real lover is worthy of your leftover egg hors d'ouvres 

10. First attempts at intimacy can be super awkward and uncomfortable

11. Future encounters with exes will also be super awkward and uncomfortable

12. The first time may not be as perfect as you hoped 

13. It's okay to be reckless and uncharacteristic sometimes

14. Casual dating and open relationships might be right for you

15. Or not

16. At the end of the day, all you really need in life is a good friend and some kickass comfort food

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