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14 Things That Would Only Happen At A 'Friends' Thanksgiving


We all love Friends, and we love all of the crazy, quirky antics that happen on Friends. We think we can all agree that the best Friends episodes are the holiday ones—especially the annual Thanksgiving episodes. Every Thanksgiving, you wondered what the Friends crew would get into and what mischief they would cause. These are some of the things that could only happen at a Friends Thanksgiving. 

1. They play Chandler's dumb 50 states game and Joey gets 56 states

2. The plate incident

If you're that worried about your friends breaking your dumb plates, maybe you shouldn't use those plates? Like? 

3. The freaking trifle 

Letting Rachel cook is a disaster waiting to happen. 

4. Chandler gets locked in a box

At this point, if you're reading this and you've never seen Friends, you're probably curious as to wtf this show is. Us too. 

5. Monica gets ice in her eye and has to wear an eyepatch

6. Brad Pitt comes to dinner? 

7. Joey wears Phoebe's maternity pants to eat turkey

8. Monica and Chandler find out that they're going to be parents

9. Rachel and Phoebe steal the clothes off Joey's Cabbage Patch Kids doll so Emma can wear them in a beauty pageant

10. They play a "friendly" game of football

11. Underdog gets away

12. Joey accidentally becomes the face of an STD campaign

14. Chandler tells Monica he loves her while she dances with a turkey on her head 

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! 

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