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21 Times Dean From 'Gilmore Girls' Drove Us Absolutely Insane


It is a truth universally acknowledged that DEAN WAS ACTUALLY THE WORST. From being a whiny lil shit to shamelessly cheating on his wife the first chance he got, here are 21 times Dean—drag, doormat and undeniable douche—drove us absolutely insane.

1. When he admitted to watching Rory without her knowing like a creepy mofo

Because that's not weird at all.

2. When he straight up told Rory she was just "nice to look at"

Because she's a girl so she only needs to be looked at.

3. When all he wanted in life was a woman to cook and clean for him

Because why wouldn't he?

4. When he got irrationally mad at Rory for not saying "I love you" after he gave her a car

Because he's in desperate need of validation.

5. When he GAVE her a CAR

Because he's clearly overcompensating.

6. When he was clingy AF and wouldn't let the poor girl breathe

Because he has nothing else going on in life.

7. When he was jealous AF and wouldn't let the poor girl breathe

Because he's probably insecure about being dull ole Dean.

8. When he tried to pick a fight with Jess out of said jealousy

Because the only thing he's got on Jess is a few inches.

9. When he selfishly infringed on Rory's alone time, even after she gave him explicit instructions not to

Because he REALLY has nothing else going on in life.

10. When he was threatened by Rory's ambition and hated her for wanting to focus on Harvard

Because he has no aspirations of his own and just wants to watch Lord of the Rings.

11. When he made Rory feel small for wanting to go to a school dance

Because he's ~too cool~ for school (dances).

12. When he didn't want to go to Rory's coming out party and complained like there was no tomorrow

Because he couldn't sacrifice a couple hours to eat some free fancy food.

13. When he was mad disrespectful to Rory's grandfather

Because he doesn't know how to respect his elders.

14. When he humiliated Rory by publicly breaking up with her not once but TWICE

Because the first time was not embarrassing enough.

15. When he married a girl for all the wrong reasons and then spent the entire marriage emotionally abusing her

Because he's horrible and reckless.

16. When he CHEATED on his wife with absolutely no hesitation

Because he just doesn't know when to stop.

17. When he was a literal doormat

Because Jess was totally right about him.

18. When Rory tried to encourage him to live up to his potential and he just yelled in her face

Because he really can't handle constructive criticism.

19. When he was lowkey coming in on Lorelai for the entire series

Because Rory's mom has got it goin' on. 

20. When he was just a floppy-haired jerk and the whole town knew it

Because even Kirk knows what's up.

21. And lastly, when he dared bring a motherfucking salad into the Gilmore household

Because of course he would.

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