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15 Reasons You Wish You Were a Gilmore Girl


As November 25th approaches, you can be found binge-watchingGilmore Girls for (what feels like) the hundredth time. Seeing Rory grow up, fall in love, go to college and more, you can’t help but want to be a Gilmore yourself. Stars Hollow already feels like your home, and you wouldn’t mind dating Jess (or Logan or Dean). It’s not just a show. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a religion. While you could go on about this forever, here are just 15 reasons why you wish you were a Gilmore girl.

1. You can eat whatever you want and still look amazing

2. You have a fantastic support system of family, friends and neighbors

3. You are always prepared with the perfect, snappy one-liner

4. You get to kiss cute guys all the time


5. You constantly look good, no matter how ridiculous your outfit

6. You are the queen of pop culture references

7. You know where to find the best coffee

8. You're never too broke for takeout

9. You stand up for what you believe in

10. You're incredibly funny and charming

11. You're guaranteed a table at Luke's Diner

12. You basically have your own secret language

13. You're an expert at fast talking

14. Your mom is your role model and your best friend

15. You always have a place to come home to

So, can our wish come true already?

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