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20 Times Lane Kim Was The Best Character On 'Gilmore Girls'


While there are SO many minor characters within the Gilmore Girls series worthy of our praise and approval, Rory's best pal, Lane Kim, remains incomparable to all. Observe, as the following moments serve as pure evidence. EVIDENCE.  

1. When she confronted Rory early on about her freakish ways 

2. When she knew the secret behind popularized sporting events 

3. When she had her secret stash of Mrs. Kim-unapproved items on ~lock~

4. When she was one of the few who knew how to handle Kirk 

5. When she was equipped with a clever comeback at all times 

6. When she was such a music nerd, and it was actually beautiful 

7. When she was ready to save Rory's ass at any moment's notice 

8. When she was ready to rock out anytime, anywhere 

9. When she had the best mood lighting set-up of all time in her tiny closet 

10. When she spent her Saturday afternoons the same as you and I

11. When she expressed her general appreciation for the miracle of life

12. But was quick to question the legitimacy of its origins 

13. When she was unequivocally devoted to following her dreams 

14. Like, really f**king devoted 

15. When she felt no shame in voicing her concerns 

16. When she gave out welcome fries to those in need 

17. When she moved into her first apartment and experienced the most common of twenty-something crises

18. When she was the only person mildly concerned about Rory singeing her boa 

19. When she appreciated the little things

20. When she was literally all of us 


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