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Am I a Domestic Goddess, Or Just Boring?


I didn’t think my preference for binge watching Netflix over binge drinking made me boring, but I can’t help but feel like I’m missing some right of passage into adulthood. Like I’m not doing college right by not wasting away my weekends getting wasted. Like I’ve failed as a 20 year old by not having “wild” enough stories to tell. Have I spent my glory days wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket cocoon re-watching Vampire Diaries for the seventh time?

I know I’m not the only college student who stays in on a Thursday night, but there’s always a part of me that feels guilty, like an extreme case of FOMO. While my friends are living out the college dream, I’m in bed tearing up at cute puppy photos.

I pretty much have domesticity down. I mean… I’ve officially dubbed Fridays as my cleaning day. (Should I be embarrassed to admit that I find some weird satisfaction in the smell of Lysol?) I thoroughly enjoy watching home decorating shows on TV, I fantasize about pumpkin patches and ice-skating with my boyfriend, I get unreasonably excited about pillows, and I religiously believe that you should match your candle scent to the weather/season.

But when everyone asks me what I dressed up as this year for Halloween, or if I’m going to the party next weekend, or if my year in the wildest residence on campus was as crazy as they said it would be, I feel like I’m letting them down. Did I even go to college if I didn’t black out at least once a week, or even once for that matter? With ranked lists of “best party schools” and infamous frat parties, I can’t help but feel like I’m missing the “college experience." People don’t talk about all the sober Tuesdays they had that year at college; they go home and talk about how crazy all the parties were.

There are some perks, however, to my chosen lifestyle. I’ve laid out a few for my fellow homebodies:

1. I get hangover-free Sundays

No party is worth the impending doom of the morning after.

2. I have no regrets whatsoever

What even is a walk of shame?

3. It's super cost-effective

Why spend money on alcohol when you could be in bed online shopping?

4. Pants are optional

No pants are the best pants.

5. I can always get wine drunk!

Wine makes everything better.

So if you’re like me and would choose a Friday Night Lights marathon over a club crawl every time, then raise your remotes! Here’s to embracing boring domesticity for all it has to offer. Because at the end of the day we’re wearing sweatpants, and they’re wearing stilettoes, so who is the real winner here? 

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