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15 Times Lorelai Gilmore Spoke Directly to Your Soul


There’s no denying that Lorelai Gilmore is the shining star of the cult classic, Gilmore Girls. As a coffee enthusiast and spokeswoman for all things sugar, it is utterly impossible to resist her charm. In honor of the soon-to-come Gilmore Girls Netflix reboot, here’s a list of all the times Lorelai had you staggered by her wisdom and bowing down to her Majesty.

1. When she totally understood your insane coffee addiction

A perfect example of ~fine dining and breathing~

2. But felt no shame in encouraging it

Every morning is a coffee morning, after all.

3. When she validated the errors of your youth

Literally so many.

4. When she was a strong advocate for the post-breakup wallow

Ice cream = closure.

5. When she wasn’t afraid to get want she wanted

A Gilmore through and through.

6. When she found inspiration in an American junk food staple


7. When she highlighted the glory of all junk foods in general

It’s a tradeoff, really.

8. When she managed to turn frustrating moments into brilliant one-liners

Home is where the heart is, eh?

9. When she had no qualms about embracing cynicism

There’s a little bit of evil Lorelai in all of us.

10. When her approach to life’s hardships was clear and simple

Clear as the cling film upon which she sat.

11. When she established that weekends are for sleep and sleep only


12. When she was passionate about basic human desires

Not a lot indeed!

13. When she admitted to being fluent in moron

Probably one of the easier languages to learn.

14. When she was an all-knowing prophet and just wanted you to know

She has much knowledge, you see.

And lastly,

15. When she had her goddamn priorities in check

As if she’d have it any other way.

While she certainly has her faults, the incomparable Lorelai Gilmore is always in our hearts. What with the new episodes arriving, here’s hoping that she stays that way.

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