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10 Richard Gilmore Quotes to Get You Through the Rest of the Semester


With finals less than a month away, the end of the semester is near, and with that knowledge comes a ton of papers, club meetings, study sessions and breakdowns galore. But don't despair. Instead, grab a cup of coffee, ignore your responsibilities for a little while and get excited, because the Gilmore Girls revival is set to arrive at the end of this month. 

In honor of this momentous occasion, it's only fitting to commemorate the late Edward Herrmann with Richard Gilmore's best quotes. Richard wasn't always the easiest person to get along with, but there was no doubt he loved his job and his family. If there's one thing Rory learned from her grandfather, aside from their shared love of literature, it's that with age comes wisdom. And Mr. Gilmore was a very wise man. 

1. "Rory, you are a person of great heart and great character, and that combination will always win the day."

Never did a more accurate Richard Gilmore quote exist. If you're a loving person with the right intentions, who strives to treats others well, you'll be able to work any situation out. Good always trumps evil. Always. 

2. "Only prostitutes have two glasses of wine at lunch!"

Setting standards for Emily Gilmore and the rest of us from day one. 

3. "Oh, people die, we pay."

The ever-blunt Richard Gilmore. This is what happens when Richard tries to explain his insurance job to his family. 

4. "It takes a remarkable person to inspire all of this."

Richard had no qualms about letting his daughter know just how proud he was of her. Great things can happen if you believe in yourself. 

5. "Cranking Metallica? If that's some sort of drug reference, it isn't funny!" 

No-nonsense is the way to live one's life, according to Richard. He always did have a way with words.

6. "Never let them see you sweat, dear."

Don't show any weakness. Wise words of encouragement, Richard.

7. "Everyone knows ugly men make the best doctors."

If Richard Gilmore declared this, it must be true. 

8. "Look at this! I'm walking around, and I'm still on the internet."

Nobody appreciates expanding internet capabilities the way Richard Gilmore does. 

9. "If my wife wants the first cup of tea, she's going to have the first cup of tea!"

Nobody messes with the Gilmore patriarch. 

10. Sometimes, he was at his best when he didn't say anything at all.

Nothing could beat Richard and his newspaper. 

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