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15 Signs You Have Nothing Left to Look Forward to This Year


2016 has been a long year full of ups and downs.For some, it was a success and for others, it's ~definitely~ about time this year came to an end. You can't help but feel like the stress has been constantly building up and that the only thing left to look forward to is your next exam. It's not that the rest of your life is doomed to be boring—it's just that those good things to come are far away in 2017. Here are 15 signs that you have nothing left to look forward to this year. 

1. You feel like you need a fresh start

2. You're buried waaaay too deep in schoolwork

3. Your birthday has already passed

4. So have all your favorite holidays

5. You need to reorganize and re-evaluate

6. Reflecting back, you see the rough start to your year set the tone for the entire year

7. You're running low on money

8. And motivation

9. You're not looking forward to walking to class in the snow

10. Or being bundled up in layers of clothes while still freezing

11. You don't have a significant other to partake in cute holiday things with

12. You miss your parents like crazy

13. And would give anything to see your friends back home

14. And don't forget your pets

15. But really, what event the rest of this year could possibly live up to the Cubs winning the world series?

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