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15 Adorable Loungewear Pieces for Your Thanksgiving Break


What is Thanksgiving break if not the time to embrace your inner sloth? These clothes are perfect for binge-watching Netflix and eating stuffing. No judgment here—we'll be doing the same!

1. "Pie Till I Die" Tank ($28 at Tipsy Elves)

Pie is life.

2. "Leisure Queen" Sweatshirt ($48 at ban.do)

Self-proclaimed queen of the couch. ~bow down~

3. Lace-Up Skinny Collegiate Pant ($49.95 at PINK)

These sweatpants are perfect to fit that third serving of mashed potatoes.

4. Chevron Teddy Robe ($60 at TOPSHOP)


5. "I Like You a Latte" Sleep Shirt ($26.95 at PINK)

This sleep shirt is our three favorite things combined: sleeping, coffee and puns.

7. Mesh Insert Color Block Leggings ($30.07 at ASOS)

These leggings are the fashion girl's favorite way to be lazy.

8. Knit Lounge Sweater ($48 at Nasty Gal)

This adorable sweater will have you snug as a bug.

9. Fluffy Slippers ($29 at Forever 21)

So pink. So fluffy.

10. "Messy Bun" Sleep Shirt ($35 at TOPSHOP)

Messy buns are not a hairstyle; they're a way of life.

11. "Happy Camper" Baseball Tee ($48 at Suburban Riot)

Pie equals happiness, obv.

12. Yale PJ Sweatshirt ($17.90 at Forever 21)

Because Rory Gilmore, DUH.

13. "I Need a Sloffee" PJ Set ($40 at TOPSHOP)

BRB dying of cuteness.

14. Flannel PJ Pants ($16.94 at Old Navy)

Nothing beats a classic pair of flannel PJs.

15. PJ Set ($17.99 at H&M)

Any night spent doing absolutely nothing is your kind of night.

Happy lounging, collegiettes!

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