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16 Dumb Things Dogs Have Done That Are Guaranteed to Make You Smile


Dogs are man's best friend for so many reasons. They enjoy cuddling, eating and loving their owners unconditionally. They also have big personalities that sometimes result in them doing something sassy or just plain stupid. Here are 16 dumb things dogs have done that are sure to make you smile.

1. They mistake cat flaps for doggy doors.

They may be man's best friend, but they aren't necessarily his smartest friend.

2. They are always confused by mirrors.

We're shocked by our reflections too sometimes.

3. They sit ANYWHERE.

No, no we don't show interest by sniffing each other's butts.

4. They try to immitate us.

Start with child's pose and work your way up, my friend.

5. They give sloppy kisses whenever the heck they please.

Forget downward dog when your actual dog is around.

6. They stare out the window longer than a soap opera character.

We many never know…

7. They mess up their tricks.

You had one job.

8. They can't find their treatseven when they're right *on* their face.

The human version of this = eat an Oreo from your forehead without using your hands. 

9.  They chase their own leash.

We'll never be able to reach this level of pure bliss.

10. They have no fear when it comes to other dogs.

We're not sure what this pug was trying to accomplish, but we love the effort and grace.

11. They eat anything in sight.

They kind of have a one-track mind—it's probably why we love them so much.

12. Ok, maybe not *anything*.

On a serious note: never chocolate!

13. They let their owners use them for more than just cuddles.

This is the most obedient dog we have ever seen, and he deserves his own bowl of Wheaties.

14. They forget things, like the fact that the screen door is open.

It's all in your mind, puppy!

15. They love their toys.

This dog totally got played. How was he supposed to catch a soccer ball anyway?

16. They either love or hate catsthere is no in between.

Cooties. Are. Real.

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