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15 Reasons You'll Be a Feminist Until the Day You Die


Feminism isn't like a sore throat—it doesn't just go away after a week of tea and honey. Feminism is a worldview, a movement, a passion. Once a feminist, always a feminist.

1. Because you believe periods should not be taboo.

2. Because you know your vagina doesn't make you inferior.

3. Because a girl should never be at fault for being sexually assaulted. 

4. Because princesses can inspire people.

5. And not all superheroes are men.

6. Because you want to make the phrase "like a girl" something to strive for, not to be ashamed of.

7. Because you reject social norms that are instituted by "THE MAN!"

8. Because you don't think women have to dress or act a certain way.

9. Because we live in a society that teaches women self-defense to prevent sexual assault, rather than actually preventing sexual assault.

10. Because we're destroying the idea of angels in the house.

11. Because women ~still~ don't have equality in the work place—and should.

12. Because you are determined to change the spectacle that surrounds women's bodies.

13. Because you are an equal.

14. And you are a strong, independent woman who don't need no man to feel significant!

15. Because smashing the patriarchy is your cardio. 

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