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27 Signs You're an Old Soul


Have you ever felt like your priorities don't match up with those of your peers? Do you ever feel the need to explain yourself to family and friends who don't understand your old-lady antics? If any of this resonates with you, you probably fall in line with a special class of humans known as "old souls." Mature, empathetic, logical and perceptive, you have a grasp on things that most people wait a lifetime to understand. And while it may be frustrating to feel eras ahead of your generation, you're definitely not alone. Here's to the girls who were born with the wisdom of an old sage. Keep doing you, squad moms and born-to-be-grandmas. 

1. You connect better with your grandma than your classmates.

She just gets you. 

2. Wise, humble cats are your spirit animal.

Who can better blend sass with practicality? 

3. You're the mom of your squad.

^You, every time your bestie gets a little too tipsy.

4. What is so special about Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift?

You may have been the only preteen to not obsess over One Direction or any other trending artist or group.

5. In general, you never really got invested in pop culture.

You haven't seen the movies your friends always reference, and the Kardashians just aren't your cup of tea.

6. As a child, you were, well, weird. 

At least, according to the (totally immature) standards of your preschool peers. 

7. Being sent to the kids table on holidays was an inexcusable insult. 

"Well, I guess Thanksgiving dinner is ruined, thanks Auntie."

8. Overall, you had a really hard time not being taken seriously as a kid.

If only they knew what went on in your busy brain!

9. You probably have a fascination with another era.

Oh why oh why couldn't you have been born in Victorian times?

10. To you, Kindles are a special kind of horror.

In fact, as a child, you were hesitant to swap your flip phone for a smartphone. Why fix something that isn't broken?

11. Going to bed can take you ages, thanks to your over-complicated thoughts.

Why must you always feel the need to save the world at midnight?

12. You're often disappointed in the way things are, and feel an overwhelming responsibility to fix them yourself. 

Letting go never comes easy for you.

13. Which is why you felt a deep investment in politics at an early age...

...only to come to the conclusion that every politician was doing it all wrong.

14. Growing up, you sometimes felt like more of a parent than your parents.

Let's be real, you practically raised yourself.

15. You're a serial dater, or have been with the same person for ages.

Hookup culture is frightening and cruel—why should you be embarrassed to fall in love?

16. That being said, finding the perfect partner is really hard.

A mismatch in maturity and interests isn't easy to overcome.

18. You've been called "wise beyond your years" way too many times. 

"I know I am, so why don't you listen to me?!"

19. You wish you could devote your life to advice-giving. 

Could your wisdom really make the world a better place? Probably not... but maybe.

20. You get frustrated by the fact that no one seems to see things as clearly as you do.

But you have trouble explaining the rational behind your thoughts and actions, because it feels so obvious!

21. Clubbing? No thanks.

In what world is this fun?

22. You struggle talking to babies and children.

How does one talk in baby talk without dying of embarrassment? And how can babies possibly enjoy baby talk?

23. Your fashion taste is timeless.

Fads can be fun, but your go-to looks are absolutely ageless.

24. Alone time is restorative and absolutely needed.

You find peace in silence and don't worry about attaining "popularity" by always being with your peers.

25. You feel trapped in the bubble of your college or hometown.

No one has to tell you that there's more to life than parties and petty cliques. 

26. And you absolutely can't wait to enter the real world.

You've been ready since Kindergarten. 

27. All in all, aging doesn't scare you. 

You were made for this, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

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