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13 Reasons You & Your College Best Friend Will Be Friends Forever


"College is the best four years of your life" is the statement every incoming freshman hears over and over again as they pack their cars and head off to their small dorm rooms. But, what makes those four years the best of your life? It sure isn't the exams or dining hall food! The friendships you build during these years will be with you forever and are what make college great. The friends who go to frat parties with you, listen to you cry over that guy who never texted you back and walked to the dining hall in the snow with, are the ones you'll have forever! Below are some other reasons why your college friends are lifetime friends.

1. They've seen you at your drunkest.

2. They've seen you hook up with an ugly guy and looked the other way.

3. You have so many inside jokes that most people will never understand.

4. They know your weird habits when you eat

5. and sleep.

6. They take notes for you when you just can't wake up for that 8 a.m.

7. They help you through every heartbreak.

8. They understand you when no one else does (especially when you're drunk).

9. They were excited for you when every good thing happened in your life. 

10. You all stuck together during the emotional grad school application process

11. and were there for each other when you got accepted or rejected.

12. Because they ate just as much junk food as you... and skipped the gym with you, too.

13. And always supported your bad ideas.

Friendship is the most important thing you can have. Your college friends are the family you chose, and because of all of the memories you share, you will always have that bond. While you will make friends along the way in your careers, it's your college friends that you will always call for a good laugh about the time you fell down the stairs at a party because who else can really laugh about that with you? 

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