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Which City You Should Work in, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Post-grad life can leave you feeling clueless about where to go and what to do. This is the time in your life to make a move, both literally and figuratively. You may or may not have roots at home, but planting yourself in another city isn't as hard as you might think and can actually be good for your career. If you're thinking of relocating, check below for the city that best compliments your zodiac.

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Aquarius - Portland, Oregon

With an innovative and experimental outlook, Portland is the best place for an Aquarius to put down roots. While you can be quiet and shy, you also have bursts of intense energy. You'll get the best of both worlds with Portland’s mostly wet weather and unique places and people. You’ll make friends who are quiet thinkers, as well as eccentric peeps. Portland’s up and coming neighborhoods are equally beautiful and affordable - the perfect combo for the recent Aquarius grad who likes to think outside of the box.

Pisces - Los Angeles, California

Artistic and friendly are two of Pisces main characteristics. You love the company of creative people and enjoy the arts. LA has a variety of people, from the screenwriter trying to make it big to the YouTuber making more money than you, and everything in between. This is the perfect place for you to make great friends while honing in on your artistic talents among other things.

Aries - New York City, New York

To live in the city that never sleeps, you have to be fearless and passionate. Aries are strong willed and are the original #influencers. New York is always moving at full speed in terms of creativity and literal movement. It has the ideal combination of competition and artistry for you to strive in. New York has the most Fortune 500 Companies for a reason and although you're the youngest sign of the zodiac, your youthuful energy is bound to make a splash in the Big Apple.

Taurus - Seattle, Washington

Seattle is the first place that comes to mind for the ambitious Taurus. You're known to prefer quiet shady places and a down to earth vibe but at the same time pride yourself on maintaining high standards. Although the Taurus is the bull sign, they seriously take no crap. It's fitting that Seattle is the OG Starbucks location; you wouldn't settle for anything less than the best.

Gemini -  Raleigh, North Carolina

Geminis' dual personality will love Raleigh. It's combination of plush green space and city culture is sure to keep you occupied. The surrounding universities combined with a great job market keep an influx of young people coming to the city. This also means there's plenty of opportunities to make newly "adulting" friends who want to explore some of the great things Raleigh has to offer like beer, food, and art.

Cancer - Philadelphia, Pensylvania

Sensitive Cancer can find a home in Philly - literally. With great deals on rent and figuratively with the up-and-coming art and music scene. Philly is nicknamed the "city of brotherly love" which is probably one of the reasons startups love the city, meaning awesome new job opps coming your way. Your ability to create big picture ideas and act sensitively to what other people need will make you a great team player in a close-knit startup environment. Philly is known to rock some tough winters, perfect for the cuddle-loving Cancer.

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Leo - Austin, Texas

Leo's are known to have an air of royalty about them, kind of like a Texas debutante. With creative types galore, you won't get bored in the City of the Violet Crown. The low cost of living is also likable and your charming, bubbly personality will fit right in with this good vibes only community.

Virgo - Boston, Massachusetts

Boston has great energy and lots of fun stuff to keep Virgos occupied and happy. Virgos are known to love nature, animals and books so they have to be in a city where they can have it all. Whether your idea of happiness is curling up with a good book in a coffee shop or going for a run with your pup in one of Boston's parks, this city has you covered.

Libra - Atlanta, Georgia

Libras work better wherever the action is. Atlanta is not only #blessed with a great social scene, but the cost of living is half of that in NYC. Plus, it's one of the top 10 cities people are moving to for awesome job opportunities. Libras won't get bored in this city that's home to quirky bars and a semi-hidden theater scene. 

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Scorpio - San Francisco, California

Scorpios will thrive in the San Francisco sun since they are known to love the water, sailing, and fishing. This city offers the perfect work-life balance for the passionate Scorpio. It's also nice to know that San Franciso was named Forbes number one city for young professionals to work in 2016.

Sagittarius - Las Vegas, Nevada

I know what you're thinking, Vegas? But the idealistic Sagittarius will have both the freedom to explore the outdoors and the money to afford a nice pad in sin city. Nevada is also in the perfect location for the travel-loving Sagittarius. There are tons of beautiful places to explore in state, like one of these natural hot springs. Day trips aren't out of the question, as a flight to LA is less than an hour away.

Capricorn - Arlington, Virginia

The business-minded Capricorn will love Arlington, where 70 percent of the 25 and older population has at least a bachelor's degree. While rent is a little steeper than other areas, your stubborn personality and ambition to climb the corporate ladder makes the Arlington environment a challenge.

With so many places to go and things to do it can be hard trying to find your people in this huge world. Whether that means going to a poetry reading after work in Portland for the Aquarius or sipping cocktails after presenting your marketing plan in Austin for the Leo, there is a place for you to Lean In and take your career by storm. 

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