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15 Signs You're the Snack Queen of Your Friend Group


Everyone in your friend group has their thing. Some are the party moms, some the srat babes. And you? You're the snack queen obviously! Food is your middle name, so wear it loud and proud. Here are the 15 signs you're the snack-obsessed queen of your friend group. 

1. You always carry a bar, a piece of fruit or at the very least a piece of gum on your person at all times

2. When you go out to eat, you order a bunch of appetizers instead of one meal because you like to pick

3. You're the first person to ask if anyone wants to get something to eat, usually at weird hours of the day 

4. Going to the movies and not having popcorn, pretzels or candy is unacceptable

5. You're always the first to know about a new Starbucks drink, Oreo flavor or weird food hybrid

6. You eat way more meals throughout the day than just breakfast, lunch and dinner

7. People always joke that you have the munchies, but you just love snacks

8. Stopping for food when you don't need it is one of your favorite pastimes

9. You always carry singles in case there's a vending machine

10. Your personal philosophy is not to count calories because snacks don't have any

11. Your friends always joke about how underrated naptime was in preschool, but you always thought snack time was the best

12. You're the first person in your house to open and finish the almond butter

13. You have very strong opinions on debates like chunky peanut butter vs. smooth, froyo vs. ice cream and Starbucks vs. Dunkin

14. You can't be trusted to go to Trader Joe's alone because you'll leave with half the inventory

15. Free samples at Costco give you life

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