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16 Signs You're Actually a Cat Stuck in a Human's Body


Everyone's favorite felines have it all: endless sleep, independence and the inability to hide their feelings. Whether our feelings are good or bad, we will never hide our emotions. Cats can be sweet and adorable but sassy and crafty as well. We aren't defined by simply one personality and are not behind when it comes to intelligence and cleverness, making it easy to communicate with us. If you are one of the cleanest people you know and love to purr, chances are you're a cat stuck in a human's body.

1. You have total emotional honesty

You're not one to bottle up your feelings. Just like cats, you cannot and will not hide your feelings. If you don't like the way you're being treated, you'll make it known. 

2. You have high standards

Whether it be choosing an outfit or a significant other, you are very picky. You aren't arrogant, but you know what you deserve and need substantial reason to convince you something is worth taking a chance on.

3. Flattery is the way to your heart

You're not about to grovel for someone else's affection. Rather, your time and love needs to be earned.

4. Naps are a lifestyle

Literally, you could sleep forever. 

5. You crave love and affection but only on your terms 

You aren't really the touchy-feely type. You're picky when it comes to physical affection, and touching has to be done on your own terms. That's a warning to all the huggers out there. 

6. You get company only when you want it

It's not that you don't like people, but you have no problem telling others when you want to be alone. 

7. You can be cuddly and affectionate when you want to be

And only when you feel like it. These times are rare, so your friends know to cherish them. 

8. You value cleanliness over everything, aside from sleep

Everything needs to be clean, neat and organized, or there will be panic. 

9. You are independent and proud

You may not always have the hang of this "adulting" thing, but there are few things you hate more than being babied and being dependent on somebody else.

10. You're playful AF

It's true. You have your fun-loving moments quite frequently, actually. It's what makes you so lovable. 

11. Styling your hair in the morning is everything

Ponytails, twists, braids and updos. Curly hair or straight? Too many options, so little time. But you simply can't walk out the door unless your hair is purrfect.  

12. "Jumpy" is your middle name

It's been proven time and time again that you're afraid of your own shadow. 

13. You're easily amused

It doesn't take much to entertain you. A piece of string is all it takes. No, really.  

14. You have a penchant for whining 

Life is hard and you don't always get your way. Would you like some cheese with that whine?

15. You win people over with your deceptively adorable looks and sweet demeanor

Your cuteness levels are off the charts. It's impossible for anyone to stay mad at you for longer than a few minutes because you're so adorable. 

16. You think you're as graceful as a swan, but in reality, you're a total klutz

What, like it's weird to fall up the stairs or trip on something at least five times a day?

We are a special breed of humans. We draw you in with our cute faces and are inquistive and friendly by nature. But don't be fooled. We crave love and affection but not on somebody else's terms. We know when to bring the claws out, too.

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