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17 Reasons You Wish You Lived in Stars Hollow


If you could move anywhere in the world, where would pick? Hawaii? Paris? Rome? Nope. Here at Her Campus, we're all about moving to Stars Hollow. Kiss college goodbye, and say hello to morning coffee with Luke Danes.

1. You want to experience fall in Stars Hollow  

Wanna grab a cup of coffee, sit in the gazebo and talk really quickly while wearing thick cable knit sweaters? JOIN THE CLUB.

2. You want to meet Luke Danes 

Admit it, you’d loooove to banter over coffee with this rugged diner owner while he rocks the HELL out of that flannel/backwards baseball hat combo.

3. You want to drink at least six cups of coffee a day 

Seems like everyone in Stars Hollow speaks faster and wittier than most people in the world, so you’re going to need to chug like Lorelai and get caffeinated if you wanna keep up.

4. You want to complain with Michel

Michel, my belle—if only you were the Greek chorus in our lives and could narrate the incessant nonsense we put up with. We know a few people who could benefit from some of your tough love. Speaking of tough love…  

5. You want to listen to Paris 

We would have voted Paris head czar of Chilton Academy. That’s how much we respect her. Actually, Paris Geller, 2020—let’s get campaigning! 

6. You want to be wined and dined by Emily and Richard 

A Friday night dinner with Ems and Richie really doesn’t sound too bad, especially if Emily is in the mood to throw some of her classic shade and Richard is willing to pop some champagne. 

7. You want to take a class at Miss Patty’s School of Ballet

Any dance instructor that gives these types of notes is destined to applaud you every time you make a mistake and dedicate at least 15 minutes of class to freestyle movement. Sign. Us. Up.  

8. You want to listen in on a town hall meeting

Even their BARN is picturesque! We don’t have town halls where we're from, but if we did, there certainly would not be any charming debate amongst the quirky and lovable local business owners.

9. You want to eat a meal prepared by Sookie and Jackson.

Fresh vegetables supplied by Jackson, delicious preparation by Sookie—so tender, so flavorful, much like their marriage. Their cooking puts Linguini and Ratatouille to SHAME.  

10. You want to attend the Stars Hollow dance marathon 

When we dance all night, we're “overstaying our welcome” and “acting inappropriately in the library.” When Rory does it, she is cheered on by her boyfriend and another boy who is madly in love with her, ALL while she has her mom to lean on. What gives?  

11. You want to spend a night in the Dragonfly Inn

Maybe if we stay there, the sexual tension between our soulmate and us will spill over in the same perfect way that Luke and Lorelai’s did. But, knowing us, probably not.

12. You want to feel the neighborly love  

Between Kirk, Babette, Taylor and Lane, there’s plenty of love to go around. Even if the message sometimes gets lost in translation…

13. You want to eat the local cuisine

Let’s see. We’ve got Luke’s Diner, Weston’s Bakery, Al’s Pancake World, Antonioli’s Restaurant or The Hungry Diner. Take-out or delivery?  

14. You want to celebrate the local holidays

Hmmm where do we even begin? Bid on a Basket? End of Summer Madness Festival? Firelight Festival? Life seems better when you spend it in the Stars Hollow town square celebrating some archaic tradition, amirite?

15. You want to rock Lorelai Gilmore’s outerwear aesthetic  

Shearling-lined denim jacket? Leather blazer? Funky vests? All of the ABOVE!

16. You can’t decide if you want to be with Luke Danes or observe him and Lorelai together 

No, you’re not worthy of his perfection, and yes, he and Lorelai are the best couple in television history. But where else are you going to encounter a man who is grumpy yet affectionate, health-conscious AND owns a diner? Love is complicated, especially when it’s directed towards a fictional character… 

17. Most of all, you want to hang out with Rory and Lorelai 

Does your hometown have a lovable, smartass mother-daughter duo who are willing to go to the ends of the Earth to make each other happy? Do they eat like there's no tomorrow? Do you want to sit on their couch and watch a movie while gossiping about boys? If you answered no to any of the above, rest easy knowing there's seven seasons of your favorite fictional ladies at your streaming disposal. 

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