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17 Things Only Wallflowers Understand


Being a wallflower might mean watching life from the sidelines, but really you're right in the action. You constantly know what's going on with your friends, and it seems like you have a web of knowledge beyond compare. Sometimes, there are days when you want to be the center of attention instead, but it's not the worst life. Here are 17 things all you wallflowers out there will relate to!

1. You're really good at blending in and going unnoticed

2. Sometimes you feel invisible

3. You're the friend everyone goes to when they need someone to listen

4. You don't talk about yourself much because you're always listening to everyone else

5. You're often caught in the middle when two friends are fighting because they both turn to you to rant

6. You have a really good memory

7. So good that you remember a lot of details about people that you probably shouldn't

8. You really don't like being the center of attention. You're just not used to it!

9. You're probably shy or introverted 

But not necessarily.

10. You just have so many feelings

11. You like your alone time, particularly because you spend so much of your time listening to or observing others

12. You sometimes wonder if anyone will ever know you the way you know others

13. You're constantly thinking about so many things

14. You sometimes forget that you're not invisible, and someone catches you staring at them or eavesdropping on their conversation

15. Even people who are good listeners themselves feel comfortable talking to you and might even say, "Wow, usually I'm the listener, but it feels nice to talk to you"

16. Sometimes you just want someone to listen to you and understand you

17. But at the end of the day, you like being a wallflower. You get to really know people, understand them and help them just by being there. 

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