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15 Problems Only Curly-Haired Girls Understand


The life of a curly haired-girl is far from easy! Here are 15 problems that our straight-haired friends will never understand.

1. Accidentally cutting your hair too short and looking like a Chia pet.

2. And having bangs? Forget it.

3. Humidity.

4. As soon as you walk out the door on a hot summer day, your hair goes from this...

...to this.

5. Those days when you wake up looking like a crazed animal.

6. Trying every anti-frizz product known to man, to no avail.

7. Waiting all day for your hair to dry.

8. When people compliment your straightened hair and you don't know whether to be flattered or insulted. 

9. The horror of "crunchy" curls.

10. Good hair days are far and few between. 

11. You expect your curls to look like this...

12. ...but they really look like this.

13. Getting your hair cut by someone who doesn't understand your hair type.

14. Listening to your friend complain that her hair is too straight.

15. People telling you they wish they had your curls.

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