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18 Things You Wish You Could Do From the Comfort of Your Bed


College is a struggle, amiright ladies? Between lugging your textbooks from class to class to having to wait in line for your latte, there are days when you want (ahem, need) to stay in bed. Too bad staying in bed isn't productive, because these 18 things we totally wish we could do from the comfort of our pillows. 

1. Grocery shopping

Either the groceries get delivered to your door or you need to take a nap after trying to buy ingredients for decent food while pushing a cart around and navigating a crowded building full of other annoyed people. 

2. Order Starbucks

Coffee is perhaps the only thing that could get you out of bed, but you have to get out of bed to get coffee. So that's a dilemma. 

3. Clean your room

Your room is so messy it was difficult to get to your bed. And that's a problem. 

4. Kill the spider on your wall across the room

We've all been there. You're relaxing in bed when all of a sudden you spot a disgusting spider on the wall across the room.  

5. Go to that one meeting

Most of the meetings you go to are enjoyable or at least tolerable. Sadly you have that one meeting that could easily just be an email… why isn't it just an email that you can read from the comfort of your own bed?

6. Do your homework…without falling asleep

Technically you can do your homework in bed, but that often doesn't work out so well. 

7. Take your 8 a.m. final

Taking a final isn't fun. Going to class at 8 a.m. isn't fun. Going to class at 8 a.m. to take an exam? Surely, there's a better way we could go about this. (*cough cough* online exam that you can take from bed)

8. Make dinner

The energy Nicki has while cooking makes no sense. There's nothing about a kitchen that makes you want to dance. 

9. Get ready in the morning

Imagine if you could get ready while staying in bed. Imagine how much more time you could spend in bed without wasting your time. 

10. Go to that morning fitness class you always mean to go to

You always say you'll go to morning yoga, but it's so easy to skip a fitness class when it's "too early" and you're "too tired." 

11. Watch the sun set over the ocean

Some people can do this from the comfort of their own bed but… #goals

12. Do your lab homework

You can sometimes manage to do your homework without falling asleep, but when your assignments require lab equipment it's a hopeless cause. 

13. Turn off the light

You're already so comfortable…then you realize your light is still on.

14. Bake a cake

Because then you'd be in bed ~and~ you'd have cake!

15. Make an appearance at the event you feel obligated to go to

You don't want to go but you'll stop by. UGH EFFORT. 

16. Do your laundry

Laundry is so boring you might as well be sleeping. 

17. Take a break for just a second

Let's be real: even minutes before you fall asleep, you're probably scrolling through Instagram or checking your email. Why can't you just relax when you're in bed?

18. But…not everything

After some time, you realize you want to get out. Sure, it would be nice to have Starbucks delivered to you, but you also have to flirt with that cute barista and meet your friends for brunch. BYE BED.

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