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15 Signs You're the Social Media Stalker of Your Friend Group


If your Twitter account is at celeb-level and you know just the right time to post an Insta, you'll understand when we say some people just feel comfortable on the internet. All of us know that a social media expert’s best skill is actually their stalking ability. While most of us may not like to admit we obsess over other people waaaay more than we should, the fact is, we just can’t help it. The first step towards recovery is accepting you have a problem, so to help you with this, we have compiled a list of 15 signs you’re the social media stalker of your squad.

1. You can figure out fun facts about someone almost instantly.

2. You often recognize people from social media alone.

3. Your typing speed is next level.

4. People often liken your stalking abilities to that of a hacker.

5. Your presence is alive and well on almost every platform available.

6. There’s nothing someone’s Facebook likes can’t tell you.

7. When your friend tells you about her new bae, you immediately ask their last name and look them up.

8. You're often “pretty sure” you saw that he was in a relationship with another girl on Facebook.

9. You know exactly what it's like to fall in love with someone you’ve never met.

10. And then spend hours learning everything about them.

11. It takes all of your willpower not to scroll through Facebook during class.

11. And we won’t even mention how many times a day you get sidetracked while trying to get work done.

12. Your career aspirations are equal parts detective and social media coordinator.

13. You're often surprised when you meet people because they aren’t at all what you imagined from their profiles.

14. Because most of us only post what we want people to see on our social media accounts.

15. So it's easy to forget that behind all the ironic geotags and edited photos, they probably spent hours searching for clever Instagram captions just like everyone else.

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