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15 Responsibilities You Don't Have Time For But Have to Handle Anyway


As college students, we may find ourselves often wondering how we manage to accomplish all of our basic responsibilities within a time span of just 24 hours. After looking at our typical day in retrospect, it is safe to say that we are walking balls of stress. Here are 15 responsibilities we don't have time for but have to handle anyway.

1. Sleeping at night

2. Going to class

3. Shaving

4. Maintaining friendships

5. Plus, additional socializing to avoid hermit status

6. Making time for yourself

7. Keeping up with your favorite sports teams

8. And your favorite Netflix shows

9. And your family back at home

10. Maintaining your mental stability

11. Admiring pictures of your dog

12. Eating

13. Breathing

14. Applying for internships

15. Reading this article​

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