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20 Reasons Why It's Never Too Early to Obsess Over Christmas


You know what time of year it is. Stores have packed away their Halloween-themed goodies and are starting to bring in all the Christmas décor. You may think it’s a little too early to be celebrating Christmas—after all, it’s only November—but it’s never really too early to start obsessing over Christmas. Here are some reasons why you absolutely must begin celebrating all the holiday festivities as soon as possible. 

1. Because you need something to fill the void that Halloween left.

2. Because even Starbucks has started celebrating Christmas.

And you know it’s official when Starbucks gets in on something.

3. Because you need something to cheer you up during finals.

School sucks, but Christmas has the power to make it suck less.

4. Because you need an excuse to take advantage of all those great pre-Christmas sales. 

You get a present, and you get a present. Everyone gets a present!

5. Because you have more time to catch your crush under the mistletoe.

And maybe score a New Year's Eve date in the process.

6. Because it gives you more time to eat candy canes (and other holiday treats).

Although we don’t blame you if you eat candy canes year round.

7. Because that long list of Christmas movies isn’t going to watch itself.

And of course you’ll have to re-watch them all at least once.

8. Because holiday TV specials start playing in November.

And Netflix doesn’t have all of them.

9. Because you’ll have first dibs on all the amazing decorations in stores before they sell out.

Better grab a cart to haul all that stuff to your car. Okay, make it two carts. 

10. Because singing Christmas carols is the best way to annoy people.

Oops, we mean spread Christmas cheer.

11. Because you need to try and make the snow seem not so bad.

Or to compensate for a lack of snow (if you’re blessed not to suffer from a real winter wonderland).

12. Because it’s always smart to start working on your wish list early.

How else is Santa going to know what you want/

13. Because all your festive holiday décor deserves to be on display for as long as possible. 

It’s time to bring out your Nutcracker collection.

14. Because no one likes to leave Christmas present shopping until last minute.

Even though we all do. 

15. Because you need time to perfect your singing voice for carolling.

This is the year that you’re going to get that solo.

16. Because it gives you more time to enjoy ugly sweater season.

Seriously, Christmas sweaters should be acceptable all year round.

17. Because there’s only a limited amount of time to buy Bath & Body Works Christmas scented candles.

If you’re smart, you’ll stock up.

18. Because the anticipation leading up to Christmas is almost as amazing as the actual day.

Almost is the key word.

19. Because everything is better when it’s Christmas-themed.

There’s something about red, white and green that is so comforting.

20. Because it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Imagine how wonderful the world would be if everyday was Christmas!  

So, what are you waiting for, collegiettes? Unpack all your dusty Christmas decorations and pick up some must-have candy canes from the grocery store, so you can begin celebrating the holiday season as soon as possible. Christmas only comes around once a year, so be sure to make the best of it.  

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