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16 Things That Only Matter When You're in College


Besides the obvious classes, exams and group projects that we all associate with college, there are quite a few things that we don't realize are a part of the environment until after we're removed from it. Some you'll be happy to not have to worry about once you graduate, and others you'll miss like crazy. Whichever it may be, here are 16 things that only matter when you're in college.

1. Extra credit

In the real world, it's called sucking up to your boss—and it definitely doesn't guarantee any points. 

2. Interior decorating

No one is coming to see how cute your dorm room is, and mom and dad sure as hell aren't paying for another Bed Bath & Beyond shopping spree.

3. Keeping up with the trends

When you've got groceries to buy, appointments to schedule and a ridiculous amount of emails to read through, what Kylie Jenner wore out last night suddenly becomes a lot less important.

4. What you look like when you go to work

Unless bae is one of your coworkers, an extra hour of sleep is more important than looking hot.

5. Your major

You've heard it before and you're hearing it again—your employers care about your skills, not what it says on your diploma.

6. Clubs/organizations

Sorry, kids. Being the president of your sorority or the captain of club soccer is not going to help you when your boss gives you a three-hour assignment and only one hour to do it.

7. Ex-hookups

The silver lining. Unless they happen to end up in the same city or town as you do following graduation, the chances of you seeing that boy you stole a sweatshirt from freshman year just got a whole lot slimmer. 

8. Textbooks

You're probably going to learn in your first month of living in the real world more than you ever did reading college textbooks.  

9. Frat parties

Bars and other grown-up spots don't tend to like you dancing on their tables or spilling beer everywhere nearly as much. Can you believe it?

10. Thirsty Thursday

If you're able to function at work on a Friday when you got half the sleep and drank twice the amount of alcohol you should have the night before, more power to you. If you're like the rest of us, the only thing you're thirsty for is Netflix and a glass of wine. 

11. How much you spent last night

Those six dollar shots and $30 Ubers hurt a lot less when you know payday is around the corner. 

12. Cheap liquor

It becomes totally worth the splurge when you know a $30 bottle is almost 30 times less likely to give you a hangover than that cheap booze you used to buy. 

13. Real dates

They're an actual thing in the real world. In fact, most men will actually start the relationship that way. Crazy, right? 

14. Walks of shame

The chances of you being within walking distance of your place the next morning are basically zero, but you'll avoid any embarrassment (except for the Uber driver who picks your butt up).

15. Creating the perfect schedule

Very few jobs will ever let you decide when you want to work—enjoy the freedom now, collegiettes.

16. Summer Break

Gone are the last days of school, endless summer nights and weeks spent home with friends. Welcome to the real world, honey.

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