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What Scary Movie to Watch Tonight Based On Your State


Halloween is in full swing and you know what that means? Times to bring out the wine, popcorn, and the best scary movie you can find. 

If you are having trouble picking between The Shining or Jaws, or maybe Halloweentown, then let us help. According to Influenster, here are the best scary movies by State. 

Alabama: Hocus Pocus
Alaska: Saw
Arizona: The Conjuring
Arkansas: Hocus Pocus
California: The Conjuring
Colorado: Jaws
Connecticut: Paranormal Activity
Delaware: The Conjuring
Florida: Insidious
Georgia: Child’s Play
Hawaii: Hocus Pocus
Idaho: Hocus Pocus
Illinois: The Conjuring
Indiana: Hocus Pocus
Iowa: Hocus Pocus
Kansas: Hocus Pocus
Kentucky: Hocus Pocus
Louisiana: Friday The 13th
Maine: The Conjuring
Maryland: Final Destination
Massachusetts: Jaws
Michigan: Hocus Pocus
Minnesota: The Conjuring
Mississippi: Final Destination
Missouri: Nightmare On Elm Street
Montana: The Sixth Sense
Nebraska: Paranormal Activity
Nevada: Halloween
New Hampshire: The Shining
New Jersey: The Exorcist
New Mexico: The Conjuring
New York: Final Destination
North Carolina: Jaws
North Dakota: The Sixth Sense
Ohio: Hocus Pocus 
Oklahoma: Hocus Pocus
Oregon: Nightmare on Elm Street
Pennsylvania: Silence of the Lambs
Rhode Island: Child’s Play
South Carolina: The Amityville Horror
South Dakota: The Conjuring
Tennessee: Silence of the Lambs
Texas: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Utah: Hocus Pocus
Vermont: Carrie
Virginia: The Sixth Sense
Washington: Carrie
West Virginia: Insidious
Wisconsin: Insidious
Wyoming: Saw
District of Columbia: The Ring

To figure which movie your state loves the best, Influenster surveyed "15,237 Influensters across 50 states including the District of Columbia" and as you can tell, most States really love The Conjuring and Hocus Pocus. So, which will you pick? Happy watching! 

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