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10 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets Even Diehard 'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Don't Know


So we know you Grey's Anatomy fans *think* you know everything there is to know about the show, but the cast got together at EW PopFest to drop some secrets even the most diehard fans may not know.

1. Jessica Capshaw auditioned four times before she got a role on Grey's.

We're sure Jessica felt sad about not getting the roles of Nurse Rose and Sadie Harris at the time of her initial auditions, but we're happier that she nailed Arizona and stuck around for much, much longer than intended.

2. Ben was originally supposed to "do Bailey dirty."

Ben and Bailey shippers, watch out. Jason George revealed that his relationship with Bailey was meant to shake out a lot differently. Whew, bullet dodged.

3. Kelly McCreary thought Maggie's name was Claudette…for, like, a long time.

At first, Maggie's character was named Claudette to keep her identity a secret. It shouldn't surprise you that Shondaland likes to keep its secrets—even from its cast. So when Kelly showed up on set to play Claudette, she had to be filled in that her character was actually Maggie. Surprise!

4. Jessica's son told his school nurse that his mom is a doctor.

Okay, get ready to "awww!" Jessica's son got sick at school one day, and when Arizona's portrayer showed up to check on him, the school nurse was pleased to find his "doctor" mom is actually one of Grey's finest. 

5. Sarah Drew is Jason's hero.

Jason and Sarah have worked through pretty much the toughest of circumstances together. While reminiscing on that excruiating birth scene he shot with Drew for the season 12 finale, George commended his scene partner for being such a trooper, even calling her his "hero." O. M. G. The sweetest.

6. Giacomo Gianniotti has major *series* finale teasers up his sleeve.

EW Editor-in-Chief Henry Goldblatt quizzed the cast about scenarios that have and have not happened on the show in a game of Grey's or Nay. When asked if the hospital has ever burned to the ground, Giacomo responded, "Nay." Correct. But he thinks that's something boss lady Shonda should save for the series finale. Spoiler alert: Everybody dies. He was kidding, right?

7. Scott Foley's head is the weirdest prop on set.

Years ago, when Scott Foley was on Grey's, a mock-up of his head was made. It still lives on the set and is sometimes used as a stand-in when an actor is not available. So, as Jason put it, if you know Scott, you're always like, "Hey, Scott Foley." We don't know about weird—sounds more like a dream come true to us.

8. Jerrika Hinton thinks Maggie and Stephanie should hook up.

This is Grey's Anatomy, so, of course, the discussion turned to hookups. Jerrika's pick for the next pairing? Maggie and Stephanie. We. Are. In.

9. The cast LOVES Scandal.

Every cast member is dying to play one of Shonda's stellar Scandal characters. Drunk Mellie, the president, just name it—they're game to step in should the show need a replacement.

10. Denny's death still stings.

It's ~really~ hard to rank the devastating deaths we've had to endure throughout this series' run. But Jessica is still heartbroken over Denny's death, one that occurred before she even joined the show. Same, girl. Same.

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