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10 Memes That Are So You Watching 'Gossip Girl'


Whether you're still making your addicting way through the CW's best or watching all the episodes for the second, third or fifteenth time, we're pretty sure you can relate to all the feels. These memes are ~so~ you watching Gossip Girl

1. When it becomes pretty clear that Chuck Bass is the one and only baeeeee

The embodiment of dreamy meets mysterious. He steals every scene.

2. When you realize you're a hardcore GG fan

You can't deny it.

3. When you're so consumed you don't watch any other show on Netflix

But GG always seems to make the cut.

4. Who needs drugs when GG is addictive enough? 

Thank you, Netflix!

5. After one episode ends, all you can think is…


6. The sun may have gone down while you were watching…

…and come back up. Accidental all-nighter for the win!

7. When you have a paper to write but you need to know what happens in the next 12 episodes

Multitasking at its finest.

8. When you've started to root for the resident Queen B

And she's turned your soul cold.

9. That feel when your eyes are officially glazed over from watching so many episodes in a row 

Welp, time to watch another episode!

10. When you start to appreciate the dramatic things in life

It's time to focus on the important things in life.

Netflix, you better never get rid of our favorite show.

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