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The 11 Costumes You'll See at a College Halloween Party


In college, Halloween is a week of fun, partying and getting the chance to be someone besides yourself for a change. The ultimate goal is to dress as something unique that no one else at the party will be. Some people don't exactly get the memo. Keep reading for a list of the 11 Halloween costumes you're guaranteed to see at any and every college party.

1. The Cat

We're convinced that cat costumes are for those who couldn't care less about Halloween. They either don't care enough about the holiday to plan an actual costume, or they procrastinate, and when October 31st comes around, they're so antsy to get drunk that they throw on the nearest scrap of fabric and cat ears and call it a night. This costume is typically worn by those who are, in layman's terms, basic.

2. The Main Character From a Hit TV Series

Whether its the Liars, Khaleesi, Dexter or Leslie Knope, when people like a TV show, they find it necessary to dress up as a main character. Expect at least six people at your party this year to be dressed as the main character of whatever the most popular TV show is around Halloween 2016.

3. The Solo Cup

This dude loves inconvenient costumes and really loves the attention that comes with them. His likes include beer pong (obviously), being shirtless and pushing through the crowded dance floor, making everyone else tumble to the ground and have no choice but to notice him.

4. The Risky BusinessCostume

Similar to the cat costume, the Risky Business costume is generally worn by basics. It requires little to no effort and is almost always worn by those who haven't actually seen the movie. "Wait, there's a movie?"

5. The Sexy [Insert Literally Anything Here]

Want to go as a sexy beer can? Sure. What about sexy Skittles? No problem. Sexy iPod? Yeah, that can be a thing! All it takes is a tight dress, sometimes made out of duct tape if you're into that kind of thing, and a logo on the front. You can be anything your heart desires with a trip to Michaels and a good printer.

6. The Literal Costume

This guy is all about the irony. He's a total goofball, and his goal of the night is to make people laugh. When a literal costume is as elaborate as the picture above, it's a great costume, but literal costumes can often be a failed attempt at wit and will produce many an eye roll. The same guy has also been seen going as a "pothead" by wearing an actual pot on his head at past Halloween parties. 

7. The Creeper Costume

The creeper costume is always worn by an equally creepy dude. He just came to the party to get with girls, and, ironically enough, his costume is doing the exact opposite of its intended purpose. Ladies, keep your distance from the "Free Mammograms" guy. He's not a real doctor. 

8. The Non-Costume

Costumes like this are for the guys who are too cool to care. Hipster, intellectual, maturewhatever this dude calls himself, he sucks. Yeah, the non-costume can be funny if done like our boy Jim Halpert, but what's the point of Halloween if you're going to be boring and dress normally? Come onit only happens once a year, everyone dresses up and, as Cady Heron once said, "You'd better be one of them, biotch."

9. The Costume Nobody Gets

There's always someone at the party who wants to flaunt her intellectual side and show that she's above the typical and childish costume choices that most college kids are into. And there are always drunk people who straight up don't get it. Most conversations overheard between a person wearing this costume and a drunk partygoer go as follows:

Drunk: "Like, what are you?"

Intellectual:"A Freudian slip."

Drunk: *Stares blankly*

Intellectual: *Stares blankly*

Drunk: *Burps then walks away*

10. The Buzzed LightBeer

This costume is for BROOOOs. If you don't bro out as hard as this bro, then go home. This bro wants everyone around him to know that he drinks alcohol. And he drinks a lot of it, often. He can pound tons of beers. You only drank eight beers? That may as well be like drinking water.

11. The Costume That Ruins Your Childhood Memories

At every party, you're always graced with the girls who choose a beloved childhood character, such as a Disney Princess, a Rugrat (Yes, we've seen "sexy" Chuckie before) or even Mario and Luigi, and wear lingerie in relevant colors to try to pass as said characters. We personally don’t remember Mario or Luigi wearing sparkly bras in Super Smash Bros. That must be in the newer version.

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