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18 Times Doug the Pug Just Got You


When you think of the word "iconic," certain people might come to mind. Marilyn Monroe, for example. Maybe Elvis Presley. And definitely Doug the Pug. You're thinking, "What? You're comparing Doug the Pug to Marilyn Monroe?" Heck yes, we are. 

This four-legged pupper is talking the world by storm. The most-followed pug on the Internet, with over four million Facebook fans, there is no way that we can ignore Doug's social status. What's the best thing about Doug? He just…gets it. He understands what it's like to be lazy AF and not ever want to leave your bed, or what it's like to eat a whole pizza by yourself. Doug is a true homie, and his little thumby bod will never judge your curves or your "I woke up like dis" style. Here are 18 times that Doug the Pug just got your essence. 

1. When you know you're royalty

2. When you decide to lay in bed for an hour in your towel after your shower

3. Anytime you travel

4. When you feel like lazy trash

5. When your friends text you and want to go out but you're still in bed

6. When you have drunk munchies after the bar

7. When you work out once and decide to treat yourself

8. When you have to apologize for something

9. When you get drunk and online shop

10. When you make plans the morning after you go out and immediately regret it 

11. When you hide from your responsibilities

12. When you're out of your element

13. When you need to relax

14. When you lay down and your fat shifts

15. When you get your iced coffee after a long day 

16. When you send your bestie ugly Snapchats

17. When bae won't give you what you want so you give them this look

18. When you get home and the first thing you do is get comfortable 

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