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A Deep Dive Into the 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Trailer


Ever since Netflix announced that it was bringing our favorite mother-daughter duo back to our TV screens, fans around the world have been craving more information. Whether it was a hint that Luke and Lorelai are still together or if Paris is still crazy, we just wanted something. Well, Netflix has officially answered our prayers and released a brand new official trailer of the revival, which is coming out November 25th. 

There are some things that we guessed, like Emily paying tribute to Richard in a big way, but there is so much that we learned. Here is everything that goes down in the new trailer.

Rory and Lorelai still go crazy with food

The opening scene of the trailer reveals to us that, thankfully, the Gilmore ladies have not changed too much. Besides the fact that Rory is now legally able to drink and that may make a difference in how much food they consume, the girls are still just as crazy as ever with ordering Chinese, Greek and Italian food. Oh, and some hot dogs. 

Rory might not be in Stars Hollow for good

It has not been revealed why Rory is back in Stars Hollow, but according to one line that Lorelai says, she is definitely only there for a visit. “We have limited time,” she says before asking if they should skip the town tour. Oh no, what does it all mean?! 

The girls are eating organic now, kinda

In the first we see of Luke in the trailer, the ladies are asking him to make tater tots, because why not? But then he says that they are already eating tacos, and it is revealed that they are indeed, ORGANIC. When has Lorelai ever in her life bought organic food? This only adds to the rumor that one of the ladies might be pregnant

Richard’s death will play a big role

After a few photos of the revival surfaced online a few days ago, fans noticed a rather large new painting in the Gilmore residence. Well, now we know that Emily is not dealing so well with Richard’s death. She is throwing stuff out, drinking with Lorelai and overall having a breakdown (she's wearing jeans, for crying out loud!), which is totally valid. The funeral is also shown, which if that doesn’t make you cry then we don’t know what will. 

Rory and Lorelai are struggling

“This is my time to be rootless,” Rory says, as she packs her bags for London. It was revealed a few weeks ago that there was filming taking place in London, which makes us all wonder about Rory and Logan. But now, the trailer makes it seem like it is more a trip for Rory than for anyone else. Whether it's in London or back at Chilton, Rory seems to be struggling with who she is and what she is doing with her life, which may be the reason she is back in Stars Hollow in the first place. 

As for Lorelai, at first, the trailer shows her and Luke walking hand in hand and just being happy, but it doesn’t seem all that great in the end. Just look at her face when she says “Luke and I are happy,” to what seems to be a therapist. Does that look like the face of someone who is actually happy? No. Just like Rory, Lorelai is struggling with who she is and is trying to figure it out. 

Lorelai and Rory are carrying coffee cups from Al’s instead of Luke’s in a winter scene

We all know it was absolutely horrible to watch Lorelai and Luke fight when they first started dating. But now, it seems like it’s happening again. If you look closely, the girls are not carrying their typical Luke’s coffee cups, but instead, Al’s cups. Fingers crossed that this does not mean they are in a fight again. 

Logan, Jess and Dean are all back

We already knew that Rory’s three men are going to be in the revival, but we weren't sure how they would factor in. The trailer shows a short glimpse of all three men. Logan is shown on a couch doing some work, probably in his apartment. Dean is outside Doose's. But Jess, it seems as though he is working at a paper of sorts. Do he and Rory work together? Who knows. 

Paris is back at Chilton

If you weren’t watching closely, it may have looked like Paris was a lawyer or some other profession where she gets easily annoyed, but when you look closer, you actually realize she is back at Chilton. Is she a teacher? Good luck to those children… 

And Lane is still a rock star

The trailer only shows Lane briefly, but when it does, she is jamming away on the drums. Yes, please. 

So while it doesn’t give us all the answers we are looking for, the trailer does show us the important stuff: Stars Hollow is still basically the exact same. If this trailer made you cry, just wait for all four episodes. 

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