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14 Reasons to Love Mindy & Danny From 'The Mindy Project'


Mindy and Danny are finally together, and we couldn’t be happier about it! Here are just a few reasons why these two are our new favorite TV couple.

1. They can always be honest with each other…

2. …and they’re even open to criticism now and then.

3. They motivate each other to be better…

4. ...and as a result, they bring out the best in each other.

5. They always give each other the perfect gifts.

6. They feel comfortable sharing things with each other…

7. …and they feel comfortable being entirely themselves.

8. They can communicate without saying a word.

9. They’re always there for each other…

10. …and they never let other people get in the way.

11. They help each other get through the bad times.

12. Though they are candid with their evaluations of each other…

13. …they still love and accept each other just the way they are.

14. Best of all, when they finally kissed, it was everything we could have wanted and more.

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