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15 Things You Buy at Target Even Though You Don't Need Them


Target is there for everything you need and more—literally so much more. Like things you never knew you needed until you saw them. We always leave Target with empty wallets and happy hearts. Here are just some of the things we are guilty of buying:

1. Limited edition Oreos like Blueberry Pie and Candy Corn because cookies = life

2. Stationery with designs too cute to resist

3. Candles to add to your growing collection

4. Panties because Victoria's Secret isn't the only place with nice lingerie

5. Candy for Halloween or days when you're PMSing

Or really everyday snacking.

6. Pain relievers because you'll run out of Tylenol eventually

7. Makeup with prices that make you feel good about yourself

8. Clothes and shoes you could probably find somewhere else

But you also bought Oreos and candles all in one place, so you're the real winner.

9. Beer and wine even though your fridge is chock-full of the stuff

10. Natural cleaning supplies that smell better than your soap

11. Mugs with designs that make you say "same"

12. Pillows, blankets and bedroom decor that's screaming your name

13. Bags with simple designs that'll go with anything in your closet

14. Scarves because they are arguably the most sensible accessory

15. Starbucks latte purchased *in store* because you totally need some energy for all that shopping 

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