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20 Easy Things You're Always Really Proud of Yourself for Doing


Adulting is hard. Whether it’s your first semester on your own or you’ve been doing it for a while, keeping up with all the responsibilities that come with growing up is always difficult. Here are some simple things that you’re always proud of yourself for doing—and rightfully so, because being an adult sometimes sucks.

1. Waking up on time for your 8:30 am class.

Because showering before sunset is a challenge.

2. Doing laundry before you run out of clean underwear.

Because you prioritized your time.

3. Packing your own lunch instead of buying something.

Because only millionaires can afford Starbucks once a day.

4. Keeping your living space tidy-ish.

Because putting dirty dishes in the sink right away is a major accomplishment.  

5. Actually using your planner instead of ignoring it.

Because color-coding can be hard work.

6. Making your bed in the morning.

Because you always feel better when your bed is neatly made up.

7. Celebrating your accomplishments.

Because you should treat yourself when you deserve it.

8. Only eating out a few times per week.

Because it can be hard resisting Chipotle.

9. Cooking meals at home instead of ordering in.

Because you’re well on your way to becoming the next Rachel Ray.

10. Hanging out with friends instead of watching Netflix alone.

Because sometimes it takes effort to socialize.

11. Studying for an hour without procrastinating.

Because reading over 150 pages is boring af.

12. Walking instead of using an Uber.

Because technology makes it so simple to request a personal chauffer on your phone.

13. Going to bed at a reasonable hour.

Because it’s way too easy to watch one more episode of Friends.

14. Calling your family at least once a week.

Because talking to your parents can sometimes feel like an investigation.

15. Decluttering your work space.

Because a tidy desk is a tidy mind.

16. Wearing something other than sweatpants and hoodies.

Because being a fashionista is a full-time job.

17. Taking your makeup off before bed.

Because your skin deserves to be makeup-free once in a while.

18. Asking a question during class.

Because it’s intimidating to make a good impression on your professor.

19. Taking a shower instead of using dry shampoo.

Because nothing beats the power of some Bath & Body Works body wash and a loofah.

20. Surviving another day.

Because sometimes it can be tiring to just exist.

Being an adult (or even an almost adult) requires work, so cut yourself some slack every now and then. Celebrate and be proud of your accomplishments, even if they’re as easy as cooking dinner instead of going out or making it to class on time. You should always be proud of what you achieve, regardless of how trivial it may seem. 

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