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10 Tips for the Best Solo Night In


You don’t have to go on a crazy outing with friends to make your night to be remarkable, in fact you’ll probably have more fun relaxing at home and taking some alone time to treat yo’ self. After you do it once, a solo night in is going to be something you’ll find yourself craving again and again––maybe you’ll even make it a routine! And honestly it’s empowering AF to enjoy your own company. Here are Her Campus’s tips to make your evening spent at home the best one yet.

1. Pamper yourself first

Tonight is all about you, and if that means you need to warm up with a face mask and bubble bath before you start a movie marathon and some crafting, then go for it! Treating yourself to a personal spa night will do wonders for your stress level and leave you feeling cozier than ever.

2. Manicure and tweeze

Let’s be real, there’s never enough time to keep up on tiny grooming habits that just make you feel like a person who’s got their life together. Since you have the while night, get rid of those stray eyebrow hairs and finally give yourself that manicure you’ve been wanting. Tomorrow you’ll be a little bit less of a hot mess and so thankful for it.

3. Don’t drive anywhere

If you’re cooking in then do your grocery shopping the day before, and if you want take out then call delivery. Driving and having to go out in public looking like a potato in your sweatpants is stressful. Plus, it’s called a night in for a reason.

4. Don’t watch the clock

Who cares if 10 pm is your usual bedtime and you have to be up early tomorrow for class? If you’re having a blast re-watching Legally Blonde and guzzling red wine, then keep going.

5. Cuddle something

Whether you’re snuggling up with your dog or spooning your body pillow, cuddling is going to take your night to next level coziness. We all need some affection and a good snuggle now and then! A solo night in means trading bae for your favorite blanket––and we’re lowkey excited about it.

6. Don’t skip dessert

Dessert is literally the cherry on top of your perfect night in. Even though you’ve probably already gorged yourself on Skinny Pop, finish off with something sweet. Baking something from scratch is ~always~ a good idea, or getting friendly with a carton of ice cream is great too. We're partial to Tea-riffic! Tea infused ice cream for double the relaxation and yumminess. They already have single serve sizes sold on the University of Connecticut and University of Illinois campuses, so you'll definitely want to bring it to yours.

7. Read a book or watch a movie

During college, reading for fun is so not a thing, so if you’re a reader then take this night to get invested in a dreamy romance or fast-paced mystery. Reading not your thing? A movie marathon works just fine.

8. Smell is everything

Light a candle or diffuse some oils. Filling your dorm with good smells (pumpkin spice, anyone?) is going to calm you down and leave you relaxed and ready for a long night of sleep.  

9. Turn down the lights

Your solo night in is not the time for glaring lights and bright phone screens. Use candle light, tea lights or a dimmer to create a quiet, dark ambiance perfect for watching movies and dozing on the couch.

10. Keep it solo

Being alone is something the average college student definitely isn’t used to, but you’ll be thanking us if you do it. That means no pop-in visits from friends or a late night booty call. When you’re by yourself nothing can go wrong, so let’s keep it that way.

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