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The Best 2016 Election Halloween Costumes That Aren't Clinton or Trump


2016 has been a busy year when it comes to politics. For many of us collegiates, this is the first time we'll be able to vote in a major election. There are a ton of firsts that have happened so far too including the first Latino (Ted Cruz) to win a primary or caucus, the first Jewish candidate (Bernie Sanders) to win a primary or caucus, and the first woman to become a major party’s presumptive nominee for president - Hillary Clinton. With all these firsts and more, there is a lot to be celebrated and a lot to be stressed about. We've curated these 10 costumes for the political junkie in us all with no toupees or pants suits in sight.

1. Kenneth Bone

He's the guy in the red sweater who asked about energy policy at the last debate, but social media sites and the depths of Tumblr and Reddit have crowned him an internet sensation and national hero. We aren't exactly sure why - it might have something to do with his bright outfit which was originally your standard suit. We're happy he ended up wearing his sweater since all you'll need for this costume is a bright red sweater, kakis and a mustache. Bone jinxed himself during an interview saying that his Izod sweater would sell out in a few days. And it did, but you can still rock this look with any red sweater or this ridiculous sexy Kenneth Bone costume.

2. Melania Trump's Speech

Or more accurately Michelle Obama's speech. Recreate this look by borrowing *almost* your entire outfit and if you're feeling especially crafty use some cardboard, paint, and a hot glue gun to make a cover for Melania's speech book. Bonus points if your makeup is as perfectly contoured as hers.

3. A Bernie Bro

Sport a, probably now discounted, #BernieOrBust shirt and a lengthy beard. You might ask yourself how can one dress up as, "a white, male Bernie Sanders supporter who haunts Internet comment sections." If you're still #FeelingtheBern you can dress up as a Hillarybot. Just sport any Bernie or Hillary merch with a flashy nametag.

4. Ted Cruz/Kevin from The Office

Conspiracy theories aside you can't deny the resemblance between Ted Cruz and Kevin from The Office. Get two costumes for the price of one by wearing a suit and tie with a short wig.

5. DNC Balloons 

This group costume is all the rage. Find a shirt or dress in your closet that you can live without and glue red, white and blue balloons to it. To triple the effect show up in a group with one person as Bill (suit, American flag pin, white hair, dazzling smile) and you’re set.

6. Deez Nuts

Maybe carry around a packet of peanuts? Dressing up as a 15-year-old from Iowa has some creative leeway. Maybe show up as a stalk of corn? The options are endless. Be sure to include a nametag for people who lack imagination and don't know what you're dressed as.

7. Ted Cruz's Machine Gun Bacon

First, if this costume idea confuses you watch this video that got some traction when Cruz was still in the running. Now that that's cleared up ... ditch the boring bacon and eggs costume and just go with the bacon part. Sport a fake machine gun and you’ll be the most incognito costume at your party. Maybe you can convince a friend to be Ted/Kevin ...

8. The Undecided Voter

Go one of America's undecided voters. Which is approximately 1 in 5 voters nationwide. This only requires a name tag so people with "undecided voter." #Lastminutecostumeprobs

9. The Bald Eagle That Attacked Donald Trump

Invest in fake wings or an entire eagle suit. Pair up with a buddy who’s being a #basic Donald and you’re good to go.

10. Hillary’s Email Trash Bin

This costume couldn’t be easier. All you need is a little time, creativity, a trash bag and these instructions. Since this costume requires a little interpretation I recommend you attach a sign to yourself saying deleted or just scream out “Hilz has mail” all night long.

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