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7 Outfits Cara Delevingne Has Worn IRL That Could Definitely Be Halloween Costumes


Cara Delevingne is know for her crazy cool style. She's always wearing something fabulous, and sometimes she takes her fashion to the extreme. Whether it was on the runway or on the street, these 7 outfits worn by Cara could definitely double as Halloween costumes.

1. The infamous onesie

Cara is no stranger to wearing themed onesies, whether they're made to look like cute, cuddly animals or one big pepperoni pizza.

2. This blinged-out look

If you could recreate this outfit, wouldn't it be a fantastic costume?

3. Chanel chic

Both Cara and Kendall Jenner wore Chanel for a 2014 fashion show. We think these dresses could do double duty as some of October 31's finest.

4. This Victoria's Secret Fashion Show ensemble

We're not exactly sure what she's going for, but we do know we'd love to steal her style this Halloween.

5. An ode to Bart Simpson

If you need a quick costume this fall, you can copy Cara's look. It should be pretty clear that you're dressed up as Bart Simpson.

6. Victoria's Secret soccer star

If you're looking to combine sexy and sporty, take a page out of Cara's book.

7. Modern Minnie Mouse

We're obsessed with how Cara was styled for Love Magazine. This look has inspired us to try a more modern take on the classic Minnie Mouse costume.

If you need some ideas for original Halloween costumes this year, look no further than Cara Delevingne's unique style. Go crazy, collegiettes!

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