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The 7 Craziest Halloween Beauty Ideas on Pinterest


Pinterest has always been bae when it comes to finding out what to cook for dinner or wear on a first date, but it also comes in pretty handy when holidays roll around. In particular, it’s an amazing resource if you’re looking to get creative for Halloween.

As we searched Pinterest for some cool Halloween makeup tutorials, we couldn’t help but notice a few crazy looks as well. Here are seven of our favorites... read on if you dare!

1. Eyes for Days

Uhh, we’re not exactly sure where to look first—or whether to look at all.

2. Purple Crystals Galore

With the bright purple accents, this look seems to match the galaxy-themed trend we’ve been seeing everywhere, but it takes it a little too far with the crystal additions.

3. Zip Me Up

This one is too realistic for our liking, so try not to stare at it for too long!

4. Open Wide

What. Even.

5. Seeing Double

Just like the crazy eyes, we’re not sure where to begin when it comes to this look.

6. Ventriloquist Vixen


7. Oh, Shush

We're sort of terrified. Actually, more than sort of terrified.

If you’re going to rock a crazy makeup like one of these, we know you'll turn some heads! 

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