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19 Signs You're the Mom of Your Friend Group


We’ve all got one. Not the woman who actually gave birth to you, but the one who kindly adopted you the second she caught you helplessly stumbling home from that party freshman year. You’ve been under her wing ever since, and the qualities she possesses can only be compared to that of a loving, middle-aged women—a.k.a your mom.

Here are 19 signs you can officially be crowned the mom of your friend group.

1. You feel the need to tidy up when guests come over.

“We’re having company? Oh boy, let me grab the vacuum!”

2. You can't sleep if you don’t know where all your “kids” are.

“Everyone text me your GPS locations.”

3. Your friends legitimately refer to you as “mom.”

“Everyone needs a nickname, right?”

4. You encourage smart-decision making.

“Here are some condoms, ibuprofen and a liter of water. Text me when you get there.”

5. You ALWAYS have the key.

“If you need let in, let me know!”

6. Your hobbies include cleaning and organizing.

“Cleanliness is next to godliness! “

7. You always have your phone on you.

“Call me, beep me if you want to reach me.”

8. You can get out stains like it’s nobody business.

“Food. Beer. Jungle juice. You never stood a chance.”

9. You hold the hair.

“Someone has to do it.”

10. Grocery shopping is actually enjoyable for you.

“So many aisles, so many possibilities.” 

11. You can clean up a party aftermath faster than anyone.

“68 Solo® cups, 42 crushed beer cans and 15 carpet stains. No problem.”

12. You’re an early riser.

“I’ve got errands to run!”

13. You end up in adult conversations at frat parties while your friends are dancing on tables.

“So you’re in chemical engineering? How interesting!”

14. You’re always on a schedule.

“Class till 3, appointment at 4:20, leaves just enough time to prep for my 6 o’clock meeting.”

15. You’ll leave a party early to watch Food Network or HGTV.

“Triple D marathon for the win.”

16. Your favorite scents are Dawn dish soap and freshly cleaned laundry.

“So refreshing.”

17. You get annoyed when boys tell you to stop being the mom.

“And you stop telling me what to do.”

18. You leave your roommates cute notes on big days.

“Good luck on your exam, sweetie!”

19. You have absolutely no shame about being the total opposite of the typical college student.

“A mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do.”

Stand proud, moms. One day, your kiddos will thank you. 

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