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90 Monumental Moments for Girls Born in the '90s


For all of you born in 1990 or after, don't even try to pretend that these moments from your childhood and teenage years weren't monumental. *~mEmOrIeS 4 LiFe~*

1. Finding out Lindsay Lohan wasn’t two people.

2. When you received your first package of day-of-the-week underwear. 

3. The day General Mills tried to pull a fast one on us and change the shape of Trix from magical fruit to balls. 

4. When Cory and Topanga FINALLY got married.

5. The beginning of your trust issues with your science teachers. 

6. The day you found out you were going to marry a hobo, live in a shack, have 15 kids and drive a horse. 

7. Your very first conversation with SmarterChild.

8. The moment you found out what dreams were made of during Lizzie McGuire's epic performance in Rome.

9. The beginning of your Limited Too velour track suit collection (each came with a matching headband, of course).

10. Your first set of extensions.

11. When you finally made it through The Oregon Trail alive or without a flesh-eating disease.

12. The debut of the fresh, crisp Gameboy Advance.

13. The moment you realized none of your Easy Bake Oven treats would ever look like this (or even be edible, for that matter).

14.  When your parents finally caved and you felt like hot sh*t because you could whip one of these bad boys out of your back pocket. 

15. Your first blind date. 

16. When you finally figured out where the hell Carmen Sandiego was.

17. The first time you locked eyes with Leonardo DiCaprio during his role as the sexy orphan on Growing Pains.

18. The day your mom handed you this book and said, "Do you know what a menstrual cycle is, honey?"

19. Your first "growth spurt," thanks to these sexy kicks.

20. Your first desktop computer crash, thanks to LimeWire.

21. Your first puppet show.

22. When you almost had to get your foot amputated thanks to a festering blister from Jelly shoes.


23. The day you finally understood the true meaning behind the lyrics of "Genie in a Bottle."

24. The tragic end of Newlyweds when Jessica and Nick got divorced (aka the day you stopped believing in love). 

25. Discovering your name was in "Mambo No. 5."

26. That time you accidentally got high from sniffing Mr. Sketch scented markers. 

27. When you found out Genovia wasn’t a real place.

28. Your first contact with a spirit. 

29. The moment Shadow limped up over the hill in Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.

30. When Gwen Stefani taught you how to spell "bananas."

31. When you got your first MySpace friend.

32. The first time you fried your hair with your Conair 3-in-1 styling tool.

33. Your first (almost) mental breakdown from having to choose a side. It's either Nick or Justin. Take your pick. 

34. Your first true heartbreak: when Britney and Justin ended their magical relationship.

35. The birth of Now That's What I Call Music!

36. The first time your virgin eyes watched the "Lady Marmalade" music video.

37. Your first homemade wallpaper and book cover from Abercrombie and Hollister shopping bags. 

38. Discovering Barbie came in your size.

39. The moment you mastered T9.

40. The very second of the very day Girl Meets World was announced.


41. When Steve from Blue's Clues left under shady circumstances.

42. The day you realized you wasted hours of your life waiting in line for the newest Beanie Babies because they aren't really worth that much today after all. 

43. The day Mister Rogers left us alone to fend for ourselves in the world. RIP to our favorite man. 

44. Your first house party.

45. The beginning of your obsessive Lip Smacker collection.

46. When the past 15 years of your life flashed before your eyes as Andy drove away from his toys in Toy Story 3.

47. When the Rugrats hit puberty.

48. Your first super-stylish purse.

49. When Limited Too changed to Justice.

50. When your Sims woo-hooed in the hot tub for the first time.

51. Your first set of furniture.

52. Everything about the Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter love triangle.

53. Your first brutal knee bruise from Bop It.

54. Your first note written and signed with a silky-smooth gel pen.

55. The exact moment you mastered every move of the Macarena.

56. Getting to the next level of Brain Quest on road trips.

57. The first time your mom had to cut a knot of tangles and string out of your hair from that freaking Conair contraption.

58. Your first angry meltdown when your sand mixed the wrong way in your sand art.

59. When Ashlee Simpson decided to make an album.

60. Figuring out that the whole "no tears" thing was all a lie. 

61. That Christmas morning when you opened your human-sized American Girl outfit to match your doll, complete with a giant bow.

62. The first thing you were responsible for keeping alive.

63. When you realized Flintstones Vitamins weren't candy. 

64. When Herbal Essences changed their bottles.

65. The day your parents came home with a DVD player.

66. When your computer survived the turn of the millennium. #Y2K

67. When you forced your mom to take you to J. C. Penney for a training bra after this episode of Lizzie McGuire.

68. The day you seriously considered therapy because all of your fave music groups split up.

69. Your first screen name.

70. The first time your dad had to crack your Password Journal open with a hammer because you forgot your password.

71. When Wi-Fi was invented and you finally didn't have to sit through this for three hours (or ask your mom to get off the phone so you could get on AIM).

72. The first time you actually understood science thanks to our boy Bill...

73. ...and then when he made a quick appearance on Dancing With the Stars.  

74. The first time you locked your Furby in your closet because it was scaring you half to death by talking to you in the middle of the night. 

75. When you were forced to come to terms with the fact that best friendships really can end. 

76. The first time you hit the streets in a fresh pair of Heelys. 

77. Your first sleepover with your fave twins ever.

78. The day you literally cried a river because JT came back solo style and released "Justified."

79. When you showed up to school on the first day with the most amazing Trapper Keeper of all time. 

80. Your first ride in your new car. 

81. The day Sex and the City reruns began to play on TV... because now you're actually allowed to watch them.

82. The first time your dog ate one of your microscopic Polly Pocket pieces. 

83. The Christmas you got your first iPod... which meant you could finally throw your Walkman away and listen to your music on the school bus without it skipping everytime you hit a pothole.

84. When the very first episode of SpongeBob SquarePants aired. 

85. The first time you had to wash your Doodle Bear because you ran out of room for people to sign it.

86. Your first trip to the moon in a pair of these.

87. The heart-stopping moment when the Backstreet Boys announced they were reuniting and going on tour.

88. The first time you almost passed out from blowing too hard in your Blo Pens. 

89. When you found out your baby-doll could actually pee, poop and eat. 

90. And of course, the moments our childhood idols... well, you know. 

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