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8 'Grey's Anatomy' Characters We Wish Shonda Would Bring Back from the Dead


All right, Grey's Anatomy fans—after last night's episode, we think it's pretty safe to say that Shonda Rhimes can make anything happen…like bringing a random patient back to life?! (What?)

Over the last 12 seasons, we fans have been heartbroken, torn apart, and we have had the lives sucked out of us. Non-Grey's fans have no idea what we've been through, and every single day we wish that our favorite characters were back in our lives. From Derek's car accident to George being hit by a bus to Denny's heart transplant, we are truly still mourning the loss of these prominent characters in Grey's history.

Season 13 has already given us some ups and downs with Alex, but we're not sure who is going to be killed off this season and we're pretty much scared for our lives. Will it be Riggs? Amelia? Maggie? Oh god, please don't let it be Meredith.

In last night's episode, Twitter pretty much lost it when a random patient died and came back to life. (What is this, American Horror Story?!) But after that incident, it got us thinking: what if every single gone-but-not-forgotten character that we love came back to life? What would our lives be like if our loved ones decided to randomly show up and make everything better again? Here are the ones we want to come back to life, and we want them back ASAP, Shonda.

1. Derek Shepherd

What we would give to hear "it's a beautiful day to save lives" again… 

2. Mark Sloan

One can never have too much McSteamy ;)

3. Lexie Grey

She was the cutest and funniest sister ever! RIP sweetie.

4. Denny Duquette

This death was just cruel. It made us lose all hope in true love.

5. George O'Malley

007, we miss you every day. We wish you were still performing emergency elevator open-heart surgeries. 

6. Ellis Grey

We do miss Ellis. It'd be nice to see her come back to life so she can see all of the wonderful things Meredith has done and who she has become. Every woman needs her mom in her life.

7. Heather Brooks

Ah, mini Derek Shepherd. Why did she have to die? She was so innocent and smart. Ugh, Shonda.

8. Doc

Probably one of the saddest deaths on the entire show :'( RIP buddy.

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