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17 Things That Make You the Worst Type of College Student


If you're guilty of committing any of these heinous acts, congrats! You're a menace to campus. 

1. Assigned seat stealer 

No, that's not my seat, but why is it suddenly yours? 

2. Sharing an Odyssey article every other day 

I'm sure it's soooo relatable, so send it in your group chat and not your Facebook wall.

3. Loud dorm sex

At first I thought you were watching When Harry Met Sally, but that scene is like two minutes long and it's been over 20 minutes at this point!

4. Notes/homework hog 

Sure, sharing notes may not be necessarily "allowed" in the student handbook, but what happened to that rule about campus being a community?

5. Playing music from your headphones loud enough for the whole class to hear

The only thing that makes this forgivable is when you realize what you’ve done and get all embarrassed.  

6. Choosing the stall right next to a person when there are THOUSANDS OF OTHERS AVAILABLE 

Public bathrooms are bad enough without someone doing their business literally one foot away. Why would you choose this? 

7. Slow walker

Maybe I have somewhere important to be, maybe I don’t! I still reserve the right to pass you like an aggressive driver.

8. Leaving your laundry in the communal washer and dryer

I have no underwear—this is urgent! Your clothes have been dry for an hour. Why did you even bother starting this? 

9. Being a know-it-all in lecture 

This was pleasant until you became condescending. Now I’m participating more than I would like to be because I just want to shut you up.

10. Never coming to class

We are all allowed a few absences here and there, but you judging my doodles in the margins is getting a little old. 

11. Alarm snoozer 

Thos extra 10 minutes aren't going to make this day any easier. Bite the bullet and get up for good, or so help me I'll come in your room and turn off that alarm for you.


This is so truly offensive I hope it never happens to you, but if it does, it is okay to lose faith in humanity for a little while.

13. Making small-talk during an 8 a.m. class 

Can we all acknowledge that it is far too early for human interaction? And that I rolled out of bed 10 minutes ago, and you probably don’t want to look at me too closely?

14. Being nosy 

You have to be a close friend to get the gossip on my weekend. Just being in my Monday class does not qualify you for getting the juicy deets, okay?

15. Work one-upper 

It’s college—everyone is exhausted and doing more work than they’d like to be, no matter their major. And it’s never interesting to hear about how much you have to do. Never.

16. Snapchat storying like you're DJ Khaled 

Everyone stopped watching those months ago, which means everyone has stopped watching yours, too.

17. Being rude to dining hall workers, cleaning ladies or any of the countless other employees making your life easier

Maybe that’s how you treated the people who played this role when you lived at home—and if you did, that’s maybe even more upsetting—but these people don't love you unconditionally, so be polite!

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