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How to Dress Up As Your Favorite Character From 'Stranger Things' This Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re anything like us you are probably stressing about finding three (or more) killer costumes for Halloweekend. If you have a Netflix account or a taste for ’80s sci-fi horror then you’ve heard about “Stranger Things” starring our favorite non-Heather Heather Winona Ryder. Eleven and Karen speak to your soul so why not strut your stuff as one of these characters for Halloweekend? Here’s everything you need to pull off the trendiest costumes of 2016.

1. Barb

Barb: the best friend, the Debbie Downer (we can totally relate) and the voice of reason. Barb has super pale skin so for her makeup be sure to use the lightest foundation you can find. You’ll have the chance to work the blue eyeshadow trend and freckles, as shown by this YouTuber. Clothing-wise you’re going to sport some giant glasses, a short red wig and a plaid top.  

2. Dustin

Dustin is one of the main besties in the show and his look is very laid-back. Pin your hair up in a low ponytail and cover it with a red, white and blue hat. Layer one or two printed tees and put on a brown or jean jacket. Most importantly, remember the black tooth wax for your teeth, for Dustin’s lack of teeth. This video can walk you through the process. Bonus points if you shout out “these aren’t real Nilla wafers,” or “I found the chocolate pudding” at least once during the night.

3. Eleven

Eleven is, obviously, our fave. The most important things to include are the fake blood for her signature bloody nose and the 011 tattoo. Other than that you can do your basic makeup routine. Outfit-wise you’ll need a pink dress, which you can totally reuse, knee-high socks and a navy blue windbreaker. The devil is in the details so be sure to glue some ribbon to your rocks like this YouTuber and carry around an empty, or not empty, box of Eggos.  

4. Jonathan

Jonathan’s look can be recreated with lots of layers, colors that clash and plaid. Be sure to work that sassy haircut or short Justin Bieber-style wig.

5. Joyce

Winona is back and since it would be super complex to dress up as her for Halloween we’ll have to settle for her character Joyce Byers. Her look isn’t super complicated so don’t over-think it. We’re talking mom jeans, a striped shirt, green army jacket and cigarettes galore to pull this off.

6. Lucas


For Lucas, all you need is a plaid shirt with that same fur-lined jacket from Jonathan’s look. Two costumes for the price of one—win!

7. Mike

Mike’s style basically comes out of an American Apparel ad. Pair a baseball tee with a gray zip-up hoodie. Don't forget to bring a walkie!

8. Nancy


Nancy has some of the best fashion on the show—we would seriously consider dressing like her on a regular basis. There are tons of different outfits to copy but let's start with your basic black skinny jeans, which you can pair with a knit-striped sweater. Try going for a more inspired look like this one for pieces you can 100% re-wear. To get her fresh-faced makeup look stick with neutral tones and pull your hair back half up half down.

9. Steve


For those of you reading this just so you can recognize the “Stranger Things” costumes, I’m sure this face is one you’ve seen before. Steve’s look can be recreated with a pair of loose high waisted jeans, a greenish blue sweater, makeup for his black eye, and Adidas superstar shoes. Here’s some inspiration. If you happen to be working short hair it’s time to break out the hair gel for that signature Steve do.  

10. Will

He's part of the crew ... for a little while. To pull of this costume you'll need to wear a wig and leave "Irish exit" style from the party.

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