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7 Ways Mindy Lahiri Should Embrace The Single Life


The season five premiere of The Mindy Project ended with Mindy Lahiri—doctor, food lover and fashionista—choosing to turn down both Jody and Danny in favor of staying single. After a whole season of guy troubles, whether it was Danny abandoning her to go to California or the love triangle with Jody and Dr. C, Mindy is finally on her own.

The last four seasons have shown Mindy on plenty of good (and bad) dates, so it will be amazing to see how she tackles the ~single life~. We're sure to see Mindy go on some wacky adventures while she's single. Here are some suggestions for how Mindy should embrace her newfound singledom. 

1. She can spend more time with Little Leo.

Whether they're binge-watching their favorite show or going on auditions, Mindy and Leo always have a great time together. Now that she doesn't have a love life to worry about, she can focus on the cutest man in her life: Leo! 

2. Actually go on that trip to Miami with her girls!

Nothing's better after boy trouble than going out on the town with your girlfriends. Since Mindy missed her trip to Miami when she was stuck in that elevator with Danny, she needs to plan a new night out (sans guys) ASAP. 

3. No more sharing her bear claws…or frozen pizzas…or McDonald's

Mindy is just like us: food is her one true love. No boyfriend equals no sharing her food, and THAT is a happy ending we can get behind.  

4. She can FINALLY get over Danny for good.

Since season one, Mindy has been hung up on the charismatic, rough-around-the-edges doctor. However, Danny has repeatedly shown that he's NOT the guy for Mindy, whether he's forcing her to stay at home with their baby, criticizing her body or cheating on his new fiancée with Mindy. By completely letting go of Danny, Mindy can finally be the badass single lady we know she can be. 

5. She can work on her thriving business—with or without Jody.

Lately Mindy's been juggling three badass jobs: mom, doctor and owner of her own business. Although Jody has been helping her with Later Baby, we totally know she could handle it with or without him. And honestly, after that tantrum he threw after Mindy turned him down, we say WITHOUT him. 

6. She can figure out exactly what she wants. 

From Brendan to Tom to Cliff to Casey to Danny to Jody, Mindy has had her fair share of relationship duds. Spending some time alone will allow her to think back on her past relationships and figure out what she wants in the next guy. Since Danny and Jody obviously weren't perfect, who will be? Bring on a new slew of suitors! 

7. She can find herself. 

Mindy Lahiri, AKA Beyonce Pad Thai, is a strong, smart and amazing woman. In the midst of all her guy problems, she sort of forgot that. But now she can take the time to rediscover herself. 

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