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7 Makeup Brands That Are Actually Good For Women of Color


If you flip through any fashion magazine or scroll through your Instagram feed, you’re bound to come across some sort of makeup advertisement within minutes. Whether it’s Gigi Hadid’s smiling face in her Maybelline campaign, or one of Kylie Jenner’s numerous posts promoting her line of cosmetics, there are so many brands out there to choose from. The problem isn’t finding a brand, it’s finding a brand that works for you – especially when it comes to women of color. Although brands boast about their ability to make your lips pop or give you flawless coverage, often times it doesn’t feel like they offer a broad enough range of products for all skin tones. For women of color, even attempting to buy makeup in the drugstore can become a major ordeal. Luckily, there are some makeup brands that realize makeup isn’t one-size fits all, so here are seven brands that have women of color in mind.

1. Iman Cosmetics

If you can’t trust the makeup products of a world-renowned supermodel, who also happened to break down color barriers in the fashion industry, then who can you trust? Iman has been praised for pioneering cosmetics for women of color. During her career, she was told that black women don’t buy foundation, motivating her to create the perfect foundation for POC. She was among the first cosmetic producers to come out with a BB cream for women with darker skin tones, and her brand, which launched in 1994, is still going strong and provides makeup for Latina, Asian and African-American women. The line includes eye and lip makeup, foundation and skincare products.

2. Milani 

Not only does Milani present cosmetics for a variety of skin tones, it’s also super affordable! For any collegiette looking for better lipstick and blush options, this brand has got you covered. Both the lipstick and blush ranges come in tons of shades that work with every skin tone. Milani will be your new drugstore go-to, so you no longer have to wander the aisles looking for the perfect hue.

3. Fashion Fair 

The creator of the Ebony Fashion Show, Eunice W. Johnson, launched this brand, and she got her inspiration from the skin tones at the fashion show itself. That means that this line was created specifically to meet the needs of women of color–a feat that some major brands won’t even attempt to take on. Their foundation is the thing of dreams because not only does it account for ladies with darker skin, but it also does a great job of matching with undertones as well!

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4. Kylie Cosmetics

Up untill this point, Kylie’s lip kits have primarily operated under the idea that peach nude is a good shade for every skin tone, but it appears that she's finally beginning to expand the color range of her kits. Her new shade “Brown Sugar” has received praise for complementing darker skin tones. To debut the new shade, Kylie posted a picture of her friends of varying skin tones modeling the shades to show that it is a beautiful color for both dark and light-skinned women. Although she definitely still has some work to do in order to make her line friendlier to women of color, we are excited about the possibility of seeing more flattering shades for POC in the future!

5. Cover FX 


Although it’s a new brand, Cover FX has already gotten a rep for delivering a natural look for all skin tones. Many POC beauty vloggers like Vicky Logan and Alissa Ashley rave about this brand because it’s so customizable. Its product, Custom Drops, allows women to mix together tinted moisturizer, moisturizer and sunscreen to create a unique blend that perfectly matches their skin tone. This is a brand that is definitely ahead of its time, but we aren’t complaining!

6. Sleek 


Now, you might not have heard of this brand, but that’s because it’s based in the UK. Not to worry though – their online store is on point, and once you see the fabulous products you will understand why it’s worth the wait! Sleek’s big sellers are their eyeshadow palette and face contouring kits. The best part about the kit is that it isn’t just offered in one shade. There are light, medium and dark options to encompass as many different skin tones as possible. Anyone and everyone can have a strong contour game with Sleek Cosmetics.

7. Covergirl Queen Collection

Easy, breezy, beautiful and diverse. Not only is this line super affordable, but it has so many different products to choose from. The collection features foundation, lip gloss, lipstick and eyeshadow. The brand was created in collaboration with actress, Queen Latifah and is made specifically for darker skin tones. If you’re looking for a new lipstick to add to your personal collection, this Covergirl collection will be one of your new favorites. For any ladies looking for the perfect nude, Nude Attitude is a must-have.   

Although it might not seem like it when you walk into the drugstore, there really are so many amazing makeup brands out there that make products that cater to all skin tones. Whether you’re searching the drugstore or browsing online, keep these options in mind for products that will give you the makeup selections you deserve.

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