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The 18 Stages of Your Weekly Sunday Procrastination


Nobody is mentally prepared for the end of the weekend and the beginning of a week of heavy concentration and minimal fun. Unless you’re an Olivia Pope-level responsible worker, you’re probably someone like us who leaves all of your weekend work for Sunday. Although this may seem like a good idea on Saturday, we all have the initial panic Sunday morning when we realize what we’ve done. To make you feel a little more supported and a little less alone, we have heavily researched and compiled a list of the typical stages of your Sunday procrastination. Keep calm and procrastinate on.

1. You press your snooze button a minimum of 10 times so you don’t have to wake up and face your responsibilities.

2. When you do eventually roll out of bed, you take your sweet time brushing your teeth and getting ready for the productive day ahead of you.

3. You call up your designated study buddies and pick from your variety of study locations.

4. You eventually settle on the cute downtown coffee shop—as if the library ever stood a chance.

5. You don’t hesitate to order the most elaborate drink on the menu to numb the pain of all the work you're about to accomplish.

6. Once you have your caffeine fix, it’s time to break out the textbooks and get to working.

7. After you’ve checked every outlet of social media you can think of, of course.

8. You may even decide that this is the perfect time to catch up with your grandma who’s been dying for a call from you.

9. When you finally do crack open the textbooks, you decide that studying with Netflix will help with your multitasking skills.

10. You inevitably break out into hysterical laughter at whatever show you’re watching (we recommend New Girl), and finally close the tab to try and focus.

11. As you slowly start chipping away at your elaborate to-do list, you begin to question the value of your college education.

12. Your much-more-responsible friends have already finished their work, so you decide to take this party back to your dorm room where you can get reacquainted with your bed.

13. As much as you try, you just can’t help but let yourself slip into a deep, replenishing nap. You’ll work so much better when you’re fully rested, right?

14. You wake up only to discover that it’s dark out and you have barely done any of your homework.

15. After a prompt breakdown and call to your mother, you pull yourself together.

16. You sit at your desk and find that your work actually didn’t take as long as you had anticipated.

17. After an exhausting day of ignoring your responsibilities, you have finally earned the right to go back to sleep.

18. You pat yourself on the back for being a motivated and hardworking student, ready for whatever this week may bring.

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