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What it’s Like to Be the Single Friend


So, all of your friends are taken… but you’re single.

Not that you’re not happy for them. Really, you are.

Totally not bitter at all.

But you can’t help but notice how things have changed now that you’re the only one in your group flying solo.

Girls’ nights out used to be a blast.

But now your friends are like,

And you find yourself having to convince your friends that it’s still okay to get a little wild.

You never have a proper wingwoman anymore, and your solo flirting attempts are just tragic.

And forget having anyone to dance with on the nights they bring their SOs out.

Your girl talk just isn’t as good as it used to be…

…because, let’s be real, it’s a lot less fun to listen to your friend drool over her boyfriend than it was to drool over someone else together.

In fact, you’re so starved for girl talk that you start wondering if you’re too boy crazy.

You try to whine about your single-girl problems, like,

But you don’t get very far without your friends acting like relationship gurus…

…or drawing on personal examples from their own relationships, to which you just want to be like,

There are nights when your friends don’t return your texts because it’s date night.

And when you’re not sure if it’s date night or not, you always wind up feeling needy when you text them just for something to do.

And you start thinking that you seriously need to make some new single friends for nights like this.

When you do finally steal them away from their SOs long enough for a chat, they always ask you if there’s anything new going on in your love life…

…usually as a segue into talking about their own.

But okay, okay; you don’t want to sound bitter. Luckily, a lot of your friends have really cool SOs!

Sometimes, though, third-wheeling is kind of a drag…

…especially if it feels like the SOs are always around…

…and the couples are always making out in front of you.

In all honesty, though, you have to admit that being single isn’t so bad…

…even if you have nights where you’re like,

You mostly just wish you had single friends who were on the same page as you.

You know, for solidarity.

But hey, maybe your BFF’s new boyfriend has a hot BFF to introduce you to?

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