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15 Memes That Are So You As the Mom of Your Friend Group


Whether you were born to play the role or were forced into it once you realized all your friends are hot messes, being the mom of your squad has its ups and downs. Sure, you're forced to be the responsible one most nights, but the satisfaction you get when you realize all your kiddos are safe and sound in their beds after another night of close calls is enough to make any mom proud. We salute you moms, and so do these 15 relatable memes.

1. When people ask you why you make your bed every morning

2. When your friend calls you drunk and in distress

3. When they try to fall asleep in a bush on the way home

4. When you ask them if they used protection after they hook up with someone

5. When you have a panic attack if they don't come home at night

6. When the creepy guy you're trying to pull them away from asks what your deal is

7. When you drop them off at a party you're not going to

8. When you make sure they keep you updated anyway 

9. When you're finally ready to have a wild night and remember responsibilities 

10. When they don't answer your calls and you have no other way of getting ahold of them

11. When they make it back alive but need additional assistance

12. When people ask you how you became the mom

13. When the guy your friend is talking to is incapable of taking a hint

14. When everyone passes out and you can finally relax

15. When they return the love you so rightfully deserve 

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